Avengers (1963-1996)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
30 July, 1966 Frenzy in a Far-Off Land!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
54 July, 1968 ...And Deliver Us From-- The Masters of Evil!; Cover by John BuscemaL
55 August, 1968 Mayhem Over Manhattan!; Cover by John BuscemaL
65A June, 1969 Mightier Than the Sword?; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
66A July, 1969 Betrayal!; Cover by John BuscemaL
75 April, 1970 The Warlord and the Witch!; Cover by John BuscemaL
80A September, 1970 The Coming of Red Wolf!; Cover by John BuscemaL
88B May, 1994 The Summons of Psyklop; 1994 Marvel Vintage Pack Reprint; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
350B Early August, 1992 Repercussions; The Butler Did It!; In Battle Joined!; Direct Edition; Cover by Steve EptingL
Annual 1 September, 1967 The Monstrous Master Plan of the Mandarin!/To Perish By the Sword/Struggle ...In a Strange Land!/...And a Monster Shall Stalk the Land!/Showdown in Space!; Cover by John BuscemaL
Annual 2 September, 1968 ...And Time, the Rushing River.../The Avengers Must Die!; Avenjerks Assemble!; Cover by John BuscemaL