Spectacular Spider-Man (1976-1998)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
189C June, 1992 The Osborn Legacy; The Night the World Died; 2nd Printing; Gold Hologram Cover; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
Annual 9B 1989 Atlantis Attacks, Part 6: The Serpent in the Shadow; Free Fall; The 25 Most Important Women in My Life!; Sweet Revenge; The Saga of the Serpent Crown, Part 6: The Golden Serpent; Direct Edition; Cover by Alex SaviukL
Annual 12B 1992 The Hero Killers, Part 2: Down and Downer; First Kill!, Part 2; Sons of the Tiger; 10 Most Embarrassing Moments; Evil's Light, Part 2: The Hunt Begins; Direct Edition; Cover by Mark BagleyL
Annual 13B 1993 Emergence; Through the Window; In Your Eyes; Jaded Perception; Newsstand Edition; Polybagged w/ Card; Cover by Jerry BinghamS