Star Spangled Comics (1941-1952)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 October, 1941 The Bund Saboteurs; Dam the English Channel; Ace-Deuce; Mystery of the Aerial Photographer; Dr. Weerd and the Metal MonsterL
2 November, 1941 The Vortex of Doom; Ring of Rags; The Decoy; The Crime Candle; The Time Gun; The Kidnapping of Rolf Chandler; Cover by Hal ShermanL
3 December, 1941 Dr. Weerd; Fury of the Fighting Duo; The Case of Colonel Faltz; Port of Missing Ships; One-Man Blitzkrieg; Mission to Germany; Cover by Hal ShermanL
4 January, 1942 The Needle; Mr. Ghool; The Case of the Sand Gun; The Blade; Barges in Norway; The Flying Buzz Saw; Cover by Hal ShermanL
5 February, 1942 The Menace of Moonglow; The Master Plan of Dr. Weerd; Armstrong of the Army; Warlord of Crime; Captain X; The Return of the Needle; Cover by Hal ShermanL
6 March, 1942 Citadel of Crime; Menace of the Jungle Cats; The Menace of Bandana Bardon; Introducing Penniless Palmer; The Decoy Air Raid; The Plot to Destroy the Statue of Liberty; Cover by Hal ShermanL
7 April, 1942 The Guardian; The Crime Escradille; The Gas Bombs; Th Birth of Robotman; The Dwarf; The Picture that Killed; Cover by Jack KirbyL
8 May, 1942 Last Mile Alley; King Midas; Trio of Terror; Case of the Howling Hamburger; Case of the Poison Parrot; Horror Hospital; Cover by Jack KirbyL
9 June, 1942 The Rookie Takes the Rap; Crime by the Chapter; Storm Over Souciyan; Mystery of the Mother Goose Mob; Case of the Vanishing Millions; Cover by Jack KirbyL
10 July, 1942 Kings for a Day; The Education of East-Side Eggbert; Four on a Web; Case of the Spendthrift Miser; The Murder Master; Case of the Petrified Poet; Cover by Jack KirbyL
11 August, 1942 Paradise Prison; Case of the Crippled Car; Galloping Gold; Case of the Missing Memory; Adventure of the Plundering Jap; Cross-Eyed Crocodile; Cover by Jack KirbyL
12 September, 1942 Prevue of Peril; Case of the Precious Peach; The Menace of Steeplejack Stoll's Gang; Mystery of th Hiccupping Parrot; Remember Yesterday; Satan's Machine Shop; Cover by Jack KirbyL
13 October, 1942 The Scoop of Suicide Slums; The Man Who Could Make Dreams Come True; The Skirmish of the Spider and the Fly; The Perilous Passage; Menace of the Blaster; Case of the Smiling Statue; Cover by Jack KirbyL
14 November, 1942 The Meanest Man on Earth; Sylvester Acts His Age; Case of the Killer Chairs; Case of the Crazy Clocks; The Man Who Wanted to be Brave; Murder Movie; Cover by Jack KirbyL
15 December, 1942 Playmates of Peril; The Log of the Lucky Lode; Tarantula Turns Thief; The College of Crime; Case of the Haunted Hams; The Trial of Robotman; Cover by Jack KirbyL
16 January, 1943 The Playboy of Suicide Slum!; Perils of the Penny Plunderers; Truants in Trouble; Riddle of the Magic Fiddle; Case of the Spyproof Catapult; Robotman Takes an Hour Off; Cover by Jack KirbyL
17 February, 1943 The Rafferty Mob; Spy City; The Captain of Crime; Mystery of the Missing Cat's Meow; Rings of Peril; Man Against Machine; Cover by Jack KirbyL
18 March, 1943 The Education of Iron-Fist Gookin; Stripesy vs. The Star Spangled Kid; Granny Get Your Gun; Mystery of the Phony Sneeze; Dealer of Doom; Robotman Was Worth His Weight in Gold; Cover by Jack KirbyL
19 April, 1943 The Fueher of Suicide Slum; Too Fat to Fight; Me, Gangster; Case of the Prince of Pennies; Power is Where You Find it; King for a Day; Cover by Jack KirbyL
20 May, 1943 The Newsboys and the Champ!; Needle in the Haystack; Belles of Liberty; Case of the Capering Mice; Solid Ghosts; The Jigsaw Crimes; Cover by Jack KirbyL
21 June, 1943 The House Where Time Stood Still; Pop Goes the Weasel; The Vandal Invaders; The Vanishing Elevator; The Four Strong Men; Cover by Fred RayL
22 July, 1943 Brains for Sale; Stripesy Becomes a Brain Truster; Enigma of the Nickel Knaves; Wings of Treachery; The Hunter Who Aimed to Miss; Raids of the Rubbish Robbers; Cover by Fred RayL
23 August, 1943 Art for Scrapper's Sake; Sweet Land of Liberty; Too Many Sleuths; An American Joan of Arc; The Clumsy Criminals; The Vanishing Vandals; Cover by Jack KirbyL
24 September, 1943 Death Strikes a Bargain; The Mail Order Mob!; Mystery of the Leaping Lothario; This Way to the Bottom of the Sea; The Beggar's Masquerade; The Bandit Beasties; Cover by Jack KirbyL
25 October, 1943 Victuals for Victory; Mr. Gadget Goes to Town; The Gold Giving Gadget; You, Too Can Be a Hypnotist; South of the Border; The Radium Rogues; Cover by Jack KirbyL
26 November, 1943 Louie the Lug Goes Literary; Butch Minds the Birdies; Good Riddance; Case of the Frivolous Fish; The Little Rebel; If I were Robtman; Cover by Jack KirbyL
27 December, 1943 Turn On the Heat; Patron of Plunder; Dastard Lee; Case of the Moaning Mummy; The Haunted Emblem; The Dude Cowboys; Cover by Jack KirbyL
28 January, 1944 Poor Man's Rich Man!; The Mirror of Madness; The Cruise to Nowhere; The All-American Way; The Mobster and the Millionaire; Cover by Jack KirbyL
29 February, 1944 Cabbages and Comics!; The Picadilly Seal; Found: The Lost Chord; That's Gold in Them Thar Hills; Catalyst for Catastrophe; Robbie, the Robotdog; Cover by Jack KirbyL
30 March, 1944 The Lady of Linden Lake; Pennies from Heaven; Case of the Phoney Fireworks; The Riddle of the Arrow; Crime's Kiddie Cart; Cover by Jack KirbyL
31 April, 1944 Questions, Please; Arson Larceny; Swindle Unlimited; Sleeping! Do Not Disturb; The Solid Sky; The Dog Days of Crime; Cover by Jack KirbyL
32 May, 1944 The Good Samaritan; The Numismatist's Noose; The Parrot Who Wouldn't Talk; The Battle of the Big Swamp; In a Fog; Dr. Gaunt, Genius; Cover by Gil KaneL
33 June, 1944 Case of the Baleful Bride; The Fighter They Couldn't Floor; The Lion's Share; The ABC of Victory; Case 1971250; A Sniff in Time; Cover by Fred RayL
34 July, 1944 From Rags to Ruin; A Greek Tragedy; The Haunted Hunter; The Man Who Collected Crimes; Father Neptune; The Colonel and the Clown; Cover by Jack KirbyL
35 August, 1944 The Proud Poppas; The Short Weight Blues; The Fighting Wonder from Down Under; Robbie Turns Sleuth; The Tainted Planes; Cover by Fred RayL
36 September, 1944 The Cowboy of Suicide Slum; Kidnapping in Ten Easy Lessons; Please Pass the Peril; The Battle with the Beasts; Man Against Machine; Cover by Fred RayL
37 October, 1944 Diamonds in the Rough; The Fountain of Youth; Frankie the Fisherman; Cowboy Crooks; Death from the Deep; Cover by Arthur CazeneuveL
38 November, 1944 Roll Out the Barrels; Diabolical Diabetics; Bargain Rates for Robbie; Put Dugan Turns Crook; Battle for America; Cover by Arthur CazeneuveL
39 December, 1944 Two Guardians are a Crowd; The Incurable Gangster; Rust for Rent; Model Muggs; Terror in the Trees; Cover by Arthur CazeneuveL
40 January, 1945 Farewell to Crime; The Treasure Tracer; The Spider's Web; Walnuts with Crushed Crooks on the Side; Dragons on the River; Dragons on the River; Cover by Arthur CazeneuveL
41 February, 1945 Time Out for the Guardian; Clues in the News; Fisherman's Luck; Pearls of Crime; The Forest of Flames; Cover by Arthur CazeneuveL
42 March, 1945 The Power of the Press; The Man Who Changed Color; One-Track Tuttle; Peril in Plunder; Swords in the Sea; Cover by Jack KirbyL
43 April, 1945 Trials of a Tenor; Riddles in Raiment; The Hamlet of Harry the Ham; Gadget Learns a Lesson; Accent of Action; Cover by Curt SwanL
44 May, 1945 Etiquette Comes to Suicide Slum; The Pixelated Parrot; Robbie Takes the Rap; The Saga of Swindle; Cover by Arthur CazeneuveL
45 June, 1945 Crime Gets Clipped; Danny the Doodling Drummer; Heads, Robotman Wins; The Noisy Necktie; The Loaf of Life; Cover by Arthur CazeneuveL
46 July, 1945 Clothes Make the Criminal; The Rainbow Sheep; Sauce for Gandy Gans; Where There's Smoke There's Crime; S.O.S.; Cover by Arthur CazeneuveL
47 August, 1945 The Triumph of Tommy; Case of the Crazy Cruise; Robbie's Good Deed; The Cat's Paw; Money with Wings; Cover by Arthur CazeneuveL
48 September, 1945 Booty and the Blizzard; A Weasel in the Woodpile; Crooks on Ice; When Dreams Come True; Outpost in the Philippines; Cover by Jack KirbyL
49 October, 1945 One Ounce to Victory; Scoundrel on the Sidelines; Cabbage King; The Comet Kid and Barsey; Rose of the Rising Sun; Cover by Curt SwanL
50 November, 1945 The Leopard Man Changed His Spots; Robbie Shows His Teeth; Spiced with Scoundrels; Roundabout Robbery; The Reluctant Star; Cover by Jack KirbyL
51 December, 1945 The Style Show of Suicide Slum; Emergency Kit for Crime; Mr. Gadget Breaks Jail; Thar's Gold in Them Thar Hills; Escape to Switzerland; Cover by Jack KirbyL
52 January, 1946 Rehearsal for Crime; The Ghost Dog; The Beggar Band; The Pills and the Pottage; Seasick Mikado; Cover by Jack KirbyL
53 February, 1946 The Poet of Suicide Slum; Lightning Strikes Twice; Mission to Manchuria; Secret of the Straying Schnauzer; Clip-Joint for Crime; Cover by Jack KirbyL
54 March, 1946 Dead-Shot Dade's Revenge; The Golden Egg; Sylvester Sits it Out; The Tiger-Man; The Kid from Canton; Cover by Jack KirbyL
55 April, 1946 Gabby Strikes a Gusher; A Guilty Innocent; The Jigsaw Puzzle Murder; The Successful Failure; The Temporary Traitor; Cover by Jack KirbyL
56 May, 1946 The Treasure of Araby; Death to Robotman; School for Robot Children; The Pain that Aint; The Golden Lantern; Cover by Fred RayL
57 June, 1946 A Recruit for the Legion; The Animated Crooks; From Cage to Canine; The Flaming Test; Death's Lookout; Cover by Curt SwanL
58 July, 1946 The Matador of Suicide Slum; Department of Clever Crimes; The Living Statues; Jive to Jail; The Fugitive from Mankind; Cover by Jack KirbyL
59 August, 1946 Answers, Inc.; Robbie Takes a Bow; High Handed Horseplay; The Great Disappearing Act; The Hercules Raiders; Cover by Jack KirbyL
60 September, 1946 Steve Brodie the 2nd; Platinum Pirates; Clown Prince for a Day; The Frantic Farmer; The Goblin's Head Mystery; Cover by Curt SwanL
61 October, 1946 The Great Balloon Race; Fuel's Paradise; Streamlined Shenanigans; The Men in the Iron Masks; The Maestro of Discord; Cover by Curt SwanL
62 November, 1946 Prevue of Tomorrow; False Arrest; The Magnet Mob; The Crime Carmen; The Phantom Swordsman; Cover by Curt SwanL
63 December, 1946 Code of the Newsstand; The Land of Dreams; The Star of Destiny; Robbie, the Lone Wolf; Doll Robbers; Cover by Curt SwanL
64 January, 1947 Criminal Cruise; The Bouncing Mr. Pop; A Medal for Robbie; The Felon in the City; Peril Covers the Waterfront; Cover by Curt SwanL
65 February, 1947 The Teen-Age Terrors; Cupid & Crime Inc.; Bounce and Kickback; Dugan Dons a Top-Hat; The Case of the French Heiress; Cover by Winslow Mortimer - 'Win Mortimer'L
66 March, 1947 The No-Face Crimes; The Ice Cream Crimes; Water, Water Everywhere; Crash Bandits; Fame and Michael Mulligan; Cover by Winslow Mortimer - 'Win Mortimer'L
67 April, 1947 The Case of the Boy Wonders; The Hocus Pocus Crimes; Murder Sets a Snare; The Rainbow Rain Makers; Jungle Ambuscade; Cover by Winslow Mortimer - 'Win Mortimer'N
68 May, 1947 Four Days Before the Mast; All That Fizzles Isn't Soda; Voyage Down the Styx; Laboratory; Adventure Express; Cover by Winslow Mortimer - 'Win Mortimer'L
69 June, 1947 The Stolen Atom Bomb; Robbie Comes Home; A-Hunting We Will Go; Parlor, Bedlam and Bath; Flames Along the Frontier; Cover by Winslow Mortimer - 'Win Mortimer'L
70 July, 1947 Clocks of Doom; The Muscle Men; The Vanishing Microfilm; Lessons in Liberty; Cover by Winslow Mortimer - 'Win Mortimer'L
71 August, 1947 Perils of the Stone Age!; Sour Dough Spoondoolix; Murder by Magic; The Thief with 1,000 Lamps; Mission to Metropolis; Cover by Winslow Mortimer - 'Win Mortimer'L
72 September, 1947 Robin Crusoe; Opening a Closed Case; The Robotman Detector; Taxi to Trouble; The Old Indian Game; Cover by Curt SwanL
73 October, 1947 The Black Magician; The Carnival Crimes; Knightless Armor; Flight of the Crooked Be; Stopper-of-Time-in-its-Tracks; The Pirates of Buffalo Bend; Cover by Winslow Mortimer - 'Win Mortimer'L
74 November, 1947 The Clock Strikes; The World's Most Famous Dog; The Carnival Crimes; Looters of the Lake; The Legend of Wolf Lake; Cover by Jim MooneyL
75 December, 1947 Dick Grayson for the Defense!; Boy Meets Robotdog; The Crooked Ghosts; The Test for a Brave; The Affair of the Dancing Trees; Cover by Bob KaneL
76 January, 1948 A Bicycle Built for Loot!; Cons, Crime and Coffee; The Puzzle of the Pilfered Saturday; The Battle of the Century; The Firebug of Silver City; Cover by Jim MooneyL
77 February, 1948 The Boy Who Wanted Robin for Christmas!; Robotman vs. Rubberman; The Big Bad Banker; The Case of the Missing Gopher; Cover by Jim MooneyL
78 March, 1948 Rajah Robin; Tops in Crime; The Pin-Ball Crimes; The Secret of the Stockades; Cover by Jim MooneyL
79 April, 1948 Zero Hour; Prize Plunder; Gentleman Pat Dugan; The Case of the Punctured Balloons; A Victory for White Bear; Cover by Jim MooneyL
80 May, 1948 The Boy Disc Jockey; The Bandits and the Biscuits; Dance of Danger; Under the Black Flag; Cover by Jim MooneyL
81 June, 1948 The Seeing-Eye Dog Crimes!; Battle of the Robots; The Human Fly; The Secret of the Highwayman; Cover by Winslow Mortimer - 'Win Mortimer'L
82 July, 1948 The Boy Who Hated Robin!; The Robot's Revenge; Crimes by Magic; Phantom of the Sea Spray; Cover by Jim MooneyL
83 August, 1948 Who is Mr. Mystery?; The Adventure of the Rope; Adventure of the Man Who Live Twice; The Lost Valley; Cover by Jim MooneyL
84 September, 1948 The Third Street Gang; Four Dates With Destiny; The Return of the Rope; Rogue of the Restless Hotel; Killer Out of Time; Cover by Jim MooneyL
85 October, 1948 Peril at the Pole; Dead Man's Diary; The Educated Horse; A Bell for Cornwall; Cover by Winslow Mortimer - 'Win Mortimer'L
86 November, 1948 The Barton Brothers; Cover by Winslow Mortimer - 'Win Mortimer'L
87 December, 1948 The Sinister Baron; Mr. and Mrs. Jonah; Crime on Ice; The Man Who Built a City; Cover by Jim MooneyL
88 January, 1949 The Man Batman Refused to Help; Time to Kill; The Girl Who Tried to Be a Boy; Daniel Boone, King of Hunters; Cover by Jim MooneyL
89 February, 1949 The Batman's Utility Belt; The League of Lost Souls; The Prize Fight; Marauders from Mars; Cover by Jim MooneyL
90 March, 1949 The Mystery of Rancho Fear; The Island of Molten Hate; Remote Control Murder; The Lost Men of Fort Chance; Duel of the Gimmicks; Cover by Jim MooneyL
91 April, 1949 A Birthday for Batman!; Crime's Aqua Circus; Case of the Forged Suicide; The Prisoner of Wildmoor!; Highway Robbery; Cover by Jim MooneyL
92 May, 1949 Movie Hero No. 1!; The Man Who Liived in 1,000 Rooms; Death in a Test Tube; The Ransom of Dan Hunter!; Cover by Jim MooneyL
93 June, 1949 The Riddle of the Sphinx!; Trail of the Timber Thieves; Riddle of the Flying Dutchman; The Two Faces of Tomahawk!; Cover by Jim MooneyL
94 July, 1949 The End of Batman; The Last Bush-Ranger; The Twentieth Century Tomahawk!; Hunt of the Killer Whale; Cover by Jim MooneyL
95 August, 1949 The Man with the Midas Touch!; Salute to the Northwest Mounted; The Perilous Pearls; The Man Who Hunted Hiawatha!; Cover by Bob KaneL
96 September, 1949 The Boy Who Could Invent Miracles!; The Drums of the Dead!; Port of the Past; The Disappearing Duck; Watchdogs with Wings; Cover by Fred RayL
97 October, 1949 The Man Who Stole Time!; Battle of the Four Bold Warriors; Secrets of the Surete; The Mystery That Couldn't Be Solved; Cover by Fred RayL
98 November, 1949 Robin's Rival!; The Rurales of Mexico; Capt. Kidd Sails Again; A Trap for Tomahawk!; Cover by Fred RayL
99 December, 1949 The Sargasso Sea Trap; Crime on Wheels!; The Second Pocahontas!; The Counterfeit Million Dollars; Cover by Fred RayL
100 January, 1950 The Killer-Dog of Gotham City!; Lawman Without a Badge; The Secret of the Submarine; The Frontier Phantom!; Cover by Fred RayL