Star Spangled Comics (1941-1952)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 October, 1941 The Bund Saboteurs; Dam the English Channel; Ace-Deuce; Mystery of the Aerial Photographer; Dr. Weerd and the Metal MonsterL
3 December, 1941 Dr. Weerd; Fury of the Fighting Duo; The Case of Colonel Faltz; Port of Missing Ships; One-Man Blitzkrieg; Mission to Germany; Cover by Hal ShermanL
4 January, 1942 The Needle; Mr. Ghool; The Case of the Sand Gun; The Blade; Barges in Norway; The Flying Buzz Saw; Cover by Hal ShermanL
6 March, 1942 Citadel of Crime; Menace of the Jungle Cats; The Menace of Bandana Bardon; Introducing Penniless Palmer; The Decoy Air Raid; The Plot to Destroy the Statue of Liberty; Cover by Hal ShermanL