Star Spangled Comics (1941-1952)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
6 March, 1942 Citadel of Crime; Menace of the Jungle Cats; The Menace of Bandana Bardon; Introducing Penniless Palmer; The Decoy Air Raid; The Plot to Destroy the Statue of Liberty; Cover by Hal ShermanL
33 June, 1944 Case of the Baleful Bride; The Fighter They Couldn't Floor; The Lion's Share; The ABC of Victory; Case 1971250; A Sniff in Time; Cover by Fred RayL
34 July, 1944 From Rags to Ruin; A Greek Tragedy; The Haunted Hunter; The Man Who Collected Crimes; Father Neptune; The Colonel and the Clown; Cover by Jack KirbyL