Star Wars (1977-1986)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1B July, 1977 35 Cent VariantL
6C December, 1977 2nd Printing; ''Reprint'' On Cover; No BarcodeL
7B January, 1978 Whitman VariantL
8B February, 1978 Whitman VariantL
9B March, 1978 Whitman VariantL
10B April, 1978 Behemoth From The World Below; Whitman VariantL
11C May, 1978 Whitman Variant; No BarcodeL
12B June, 1978 Doomworld!; Whitman VariantL
13A July, 1978 L
13B July, 1978 Whitman VariantL
14A August, 1978 The Sound Of Armageddon!; Cover by Carmine InfantinoL
15B September, 1978 Star Duel!; Whitman Variant; Cover by Carmine InfantinoL
16A October, 1978 Cover by Walter Simonson - 'Walt Simonson'L
17A November, 1978 L
18A December, 1978 L
19 January, 1979 L
28A October, 1979 What Ever Happened to Jabba the Hutt?; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Carmine InfantinoL
29B November, 1979 Direct EditionL
30A December, 1979 Newsstand EditionL
32B February, 1980 Direct EditionL
37A July, 1980 Newsstand EditionL
38A August, 1980 Riders in the Void!; Newsstand EditionL
39B September, 1980 Direct EditionL
40A October, 1980 Newsstand EditionL
41A November, 1980 Newsstand EditionL
42A December, 1980 Newsstand EditionL
43A January, 1981 Newsstand EditionL
56A February, 1982 Newsstand EditionL
59A May, 1982 Newsstand EditionL
60A June, 1982 Newsstand EditionL
64A October, 1982 Newsstand EditionL
72A June, 1983 Newsstand EditionL
76A October, 1983 Newsstand EditionL
81A March, 1984 Newsstand EditionL
94A April, 1985 Small Wars; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Cynthia Martin - 'Cyndy Martin'L
96A June, 1985 Newsstand EditionL
97A July, 1985 Newsstand EditionL
105A May, 1986 Newsstand EditionL
Annual 1B 1979 Direct EditionL
Annual 2A 1982 Shadeshine; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Carmine InfantinoL