Sub-Mariner (1968-1974)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 May, 1968 Years of Glory-- Day of Doom!; Cover by John BuscemaL
2 June, 1968 Cry... Triton!; Cover by John BuscemaL
3 July, 1968 On a Clear Day You Can See... The Leviathan!; Cover by John BuscemaL
4 August, 1968 Who Strikes For Atlantis?; Cover by John BuscemaL
5 September, 1968 Watch Out For... Tiger Shark!; Cover by John BuscemaL
6 October, 1968 ...And to the Vanquished -- Death!; Cover by John BuscemaL
7 November, 1968 For President -- The Man Called Destiny!; Cover by John Buscema,PhotoL
8A December, 1968 In the Rage of Battle!; Cover by John BuscemaL
8B December, 1994 In the Rage of Battle!; 1994 Marvel Vintage Pack Reprint; Cover by John BuscemaL
9 January, 1969 The Spell of the Serpent!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
10 February, 1969 Never Bother a Barracuda!; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
11 March, 1969 The Choice and the Challenge!; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
12 April, 1969 A World Against Me!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
13 May, 1969 Death, Thou Shalt Die!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
14 June, 1969 Burn, Namor... Burn!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
15 July, 1969 The Day of the Dragon!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
16 August, 1969 The Sea That Time Forgot!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
17 September, 1969 From the Stars -- The Stalker!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
18 October, 1969 Side By Side With... Triton!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
19 November, 1969 Support Your Local Sting-Ray!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
20 December, 1969 In the Darkness Dwells... Doom!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
21 January, 1970 Invasion From the Ocean Floor!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
22 February, 1970 The Monarch and the Mystic!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
23 March, 1970 The Coming of... Orka!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
24 April, 1970 The Lady and the Tiger Shark!; Cover by John BuscemaL
25 May, 1970 A World My Enemy!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
26 June, 1970 ''Kill!'' Cried the Raven!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
27 July, 1970 When Wakes the Kraken!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
28 August, 1970 Youthquake!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
29 September, 1970 Fear is the Hunter!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
30 October, 1970 Calling Captain Marvel!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
31 November, 1970 Attuma Triumphant!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
32 December, 1970 Call Her Llyra-- Call Her Legend!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
33 January, 1971 Come the Cataclysm; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
34 February, 1971 Titans Three!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
35 March, 1971 Confrontation!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
36 April, 1971 What the Gods Have Joined Together!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
37 May, 1971 The Way to Dusty Death!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
38 June, 1971 Namor Agonistes!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
39 July, 1971 ...And Here I'll Stand!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
40 August, 1971 ---Under the Name of Ritual--; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
41 September, 1971 Whom the Sky Would Destroy!; Cover by George TuskaL
42A October, 1971 And a House Whose Name... Is Death!; Cover by Gil KaneL
42B October, 1971 And a House Whose Name... Is Death!; UK Edition; Cover by Gil KaneL
43 November, 1971 Mindquake! / ...And the Power of the Mind! / The Changeling War; Cover by Gil KaneL
44 December, 1971 Namor Betrayed!; Cover by Gil KaneL
45 January, 1972 ...And Fire Stalks the Skies!; Cover by Gil KaneL
46 February, 1972 And Always Men Will Cry: Even the Noble Die!; Cover by Gil KaneL
47 March, 1972 Doomsmasque!; Cover by Gil KaneL
48 April, 1972 Twilight of the Hunted!; Cover by Gil KaneL
49 May, 1972 The Dream Stone!; Cover by Gil KaneL
50 June, 1972 Who Am I?; Cover by Gil KaneL
51 July, 1972 Armageddon --At Fifty Fathoms Full!; Cover by Gil KaneL
52 August, 1972 The Attack of the Atomic Samurai!; Cover by Gil KaneL
53 September, 1972 ...And the Rising Sun Shall Fall!; Return of the Nautilus!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
54 October, 1972 Comes Now... The Decision!; The Mer-Mutants!; The Sub-Mariner Gets a Lesson in Humility From Namora!; Cover by Alan WeissL
55 November, 1972 The Abominable Snow-King!; Cover by Bill EverettL
56 December, 1972 Atlantis, Mon Amour!; Cover by Alan WeissL
57 January, 1973 ...In the Lap of the Gods!; Cover by Bill EverettL
58 February, 1973 Hands Across the Water, Hands Across the Skies...; Cover by Gil KaneL
59 March, 1973 Thunder Over the Seas!; Cover by Bill EverettL
60 April, 1973 The Invasion of New York!; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
61 May, 1973 The Prince and the Pirate!; Cover by Bill EverettL
62 June, 1973 A Realm Besieged!; Tales of Atlantis!; Cover by John BuscemaL
63 July, 1973 ...And the Seas Shall Explode!; Tales of Atlantis: Cataclysm!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
64 August, 1973 Voyage Into Chaos!; Tales of Atlantis: In the Wake of the Warriors!; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
65 September, 1973 The Cry of the She-Beast!; Tales of Atlantis: The Lurker in the Ruins!; Cover by John BuscemaL
66 October, 1973 Rise, Thou Killer Whale!; Tales of Atlantis: The Sword in the Throne!; Cover by Gil KaneL
67A November, 1973 Seawinds of Change!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
67B November, 2002 Seawinds of Change!; Marvel Legends Series II Reprint Packaged w/ Namor; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
68 January, 1974 On the Brink of Madness!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
69 March, 1974 Two Worlds... And Dark Destiny; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
70 May, 1974 Namor Unchained!; Cover by Gil KaneL
71 July, 1974 Comes the Pirahna!; Cover by Gil KaneL
72 September, 1974 From the Void it Came...; Cover by John BuscemaL
Annual 1 January, 1971 The Start of the Quest!; Escape... To Nowhere!; A Prince There Was!; By Force of Arms!; Another World, Another Foe!; Like a Beast at Bay!; To Live Again!; Within the Monster Dwells a Man!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
Annual 2 January, 1972 When Fails the Quest!; The End of the Quest!; Uneasy Hangs the Head..!; I, Against a World!; Not All My Power Can Save Me!; The Wisdom of the Watcher!; Cover by Bill EverettL