Sub-Mariner (1968-1974)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
4 August, 1968 Who Strikes For Atlantis?; Cover by John BuscemaL
12 April, 1969 A World Against Me!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
13 May, 1969 Death, Thou Shalt Die!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
17 September, 1969 From the Stars -- The Stalker!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
19 November, 1969 Support Your Local Sting-Ray!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
20 December, 1969 In the Darkness Dwells... Doom!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
21 January, 1970 Invasion From the Ocean Floor!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
26 June, 1970 ''Kill!'' Cried the Raven!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
29 September, 1970 Fear is the Hunter!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
32 December, 1970 Call Her Llyra-- Call Her Legend!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
50 June, 1972 Who Am I?; Cover by Gil KaneL
51 July, 1972 Armageddon --At Fifty Fathoms Full!; Cover by Gil KaneL
67A November, 1973 Seawinds of Change!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
69 March, 1974 Two Worlds... And Dark Destiny; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
71 July, 1974 Comes the Pirahna!; Cover by Gil KaneL
72 September, 1974 From the Void it Came...; Cover by John BuscemaL