Swamp Thing (1984-1996)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
31 December, 1984 The Brimstone Ballet; Continues from ''Saga of the Swamp Thing (1982-1984)''; Cover by Steve BissetteL
32 January, 1985 Pog; Cover by Steve BissetteL
33 February, 1985 Abandoned Houses; Cover by Steve BissetteL
34A March, 1985 Rite of Spring; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Steve BissetteN
34B March, 1985 Rite of Spring; Direct Edition; Cover by Steve BissetteL
35 April, 1985 The Nuke-Face Papers, Part 1; Cover by Steve BissetteL
36 May, 1985 The Nuke-Face Papers, Part 2; Cover by Steve BissetteL
37 June, 1985 Growth Patterns; Cover by Steve BissetteL
38 July, 1985 Still Waters; Cover by Steve BissetteL
39 August, 1985 Fish Story; Cover by Steve BissetteL
40 September, 1985 The Curse; Cover by Steve BissetteL
41 October, 1985 Southern Change; Cover by Steve BissetteL
42 November, 1985 Strange Fruit; Cover by Steve BissetteL
43 December, 1985 Windfall; Cover by Steve BissetteL
44 January, 1986 Bogeyman; Cover by Steve BissetteL
45 February, 1986 Ghost Dance; Cover by Steve BissetteL
46 March, 1986 Revelations; Cover by Steve BissetteL
47 April, 1986 The Parliament of Trees; Cover by Steve BissetteL
48 May, 1986 A Murder of Crows; Cover by Steve BissetteL
49A June, 1986 The Summoning; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Steve BissetteN
49B June, 1986 The Summoning; Direct Edition; Cover by Steve BissetteL
49C June, 1986 The Summoning; Canadian Price Variant; Cover by Steve BissetteN
50 July, 1986 The End; Cover by Steve BissetteL
51 August, 1986 Home Free; Cover by Steve BissetteL
52 September, 1986 Natural Consequences; Cover by Steve BissetteL
53 October, 1986 The Garden of Earthly Delights; Cover by Steve BissetteL
54A November, 1986 The Flowers of Romance; Cover by Steve BissetteL
54B November, 1986 The Flowers of Romance; Canadian Price Variant; Cover by Steve BissetteN
55 December, 1986 Earth to Earth; Cover by Steve BissetteL
56 January, 1987 My Blue Heaven; The Man Who Would Not Die; Cover by Steve BissetteL
57A February, 1987 Mysteries in Space; Cover by Steve BissetteL
57B May, 2020 Mysteries in Space; Dollar Comics EditionL
58 March, 1987 Exiles; Cover by Steve BissetteL
59 April, 1987 Reunion; Cover by John TotlebenL
60 May, 1987 Loving the Alien; Cover by John TotlebenL
61 June, 1987 All Flesh is Grass; Cover by Steve BissetteL
62 July, 1987 Wavelength; Cover by Steve BissetteL
63 August, 1987 Loose Ends (Reprise); Cover by Steve BissetteL
64 September, 1987 Return of the Good Gumbo; Cover by John TotlebenL
65 October, 1987 (We Could Be) Diving for Pearls; Cover by John TotlebenL
66 November, 1987 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; Cover by Rick VeitchL
67 December, 1987 The Wisdom of Solomon; Cover by Rick VeitchL
68 January, 1988 Reflections in a Golden Eye; Cover by John TotlebenL
69 February, 1988 Wild Thing; Cover by Rick VeitchL
70 March, 1988 The Secret Life of Plants; Cover by Rick VeitchL
71 April, 1988 Fear of Flying; Cover by Dave McKeanL
72 May, 1988 Gargles in the Rat Race Choir; Cover by Rick VeitchL
73 June, 1988 The Fire Next Door; Cover by John TotlebenL
74 July, 1988 Center of the Cyclone; Cover by John TotlebenL
75 August, 1988 The Thinker; Cover by John TotlebenL
76 September, 1988 L'adoration de le Terre; Cover by John TotlebenL
77 October, 1988 Infernal Triangles; Cover by Dave McKeanL
78 November, 1988 To Sow One's Seed in the Wind; Cover by Dave McKeanL
79 December, 1988 Waiting for God (Oh!); Cover by Rick VeitchL
80 Winter, 1988 The Longest Day; Cover by John TotlebenL
81 Holiday, 1988 Widowsweed; Cover by Rick VeitchL
82 January, 1989 Brothers in Arms, Part 2; Cover by John TotlebenL
83 February, 1989 Brothers in Arms, Part 1; Cover by Rick VeitchL
84 March, 1989 Final Payment; Cover by John TotlebenL
85 April, 1989 My Name is Nobody; Cover by Rick VeitchL
86 May, 1989 Heroes of the Revolution; Cover by Thomas Yeates - 'Tom Yeates'L
87 June, 1989 Fall of the House of Pendragon; Cover by Rick VeitchL
88 September, 1989 Survival of the Fittest; Cover by John TotlebenL
89 November, 1989 Founding Fathers; Cover by John TotlebenL
90 December, 1989 Journeys; Cover by John TotlebenL
91 January, 1990 Augurs and Offerings; Cover by John TotlebenL
92 February, 1990 La Terre qui Disparait; Cover by John TotlebenL
93 March, 1990 Capturing the Moments of Your Life; Cover by John TotlebenL
94 April, 1990 The Mysterious Axman's Jazz; Cover by John TotlebenL
95 May, 1990 Toxic Wonderland; Cover by John TotlebenL
96 June, 1990 Hell to Pay; Cover by John TotlebenL
97 July, 1990 Scattered Houses; Cover by John TotlebenL
98 August, 1990 Family Reunion; Cover by John TotlebenL
99 September, 1990 Leaves in a Tempest; Cover by John TotlebenL
100 October, 1990 Tales of Eden; Cover by John TotlebenL
101 November, 1990 Keepsakes; Cover by PhotoL
102 December, 1990 And All the King's Horses...; Cover by Simon BisleyL
103 January, 1991 Exodus; Cover by Matt WagnerL
104 February, 1991 Quest for the Elementals, Part 1: Matango; Cover by Ian MillerL
105 March, 1991 Quest for the Elementals, Part 2: Living Sacrifices; Cover by Ian MillerL
106 April, 1991 Quest for the Elementals, Part 3: Dead Tribes and Forgotten Souls; Cover by Ian MillerL
107 May, 1991 Quest for the Elementals, Part 4: Stabs of Life Echoing in a Void; Cover by Ian MillerL
108 June, 1991 Quest for the Elementals, Part 5: Siege; Cover by Ian MillerL
109 July, 1991 Quest for the Elementals, Part 6: A Descent of Shadows; Cover by Ian MillerL
110 August, 1991 Any Deadly Thing; Cover by John HigginsL
111 September, 1991 Zydeco Ya-Ya; Cover by John HigginsL
112 October, 1991 All the Swamp King's Men; Cover by John HigginsL
113 November, 1991 Fear and Loathing on the Bayou Trail; Cover by John HigginsL
114 December, 1991 Pirate's Alley; Cover by John HigginsL
115 January, 1992 Rum, Necromancy, & the Lash; Papa Noel; Cover by John HigginsL
116 February, 1992 The Growing Season; Cover by Tom TaggartL
117 March, 1992 The Lord MisruleL
118 April, 1992 A Child's Garden; Cover by John HigginsL
119 May, 1992 The Bad Man; Cover by John HigginsL
120 June, 1992 Lady Jane; Cover by John HigginsL
121 July, 1992 Laissez les Bon Temps Rulers; Cover by Charles VessL
122 August, 1992 The Eye of the Needle; Cover by John HigginsL
123 September, 1992 Punctures; Cover by John HigginsL
124 October, 1992 Husks; Cover by John HigginsL
125 November, 1992 Family Reunion; 20th Anniversary Issue; Cover by John HigginsL