Tales to Astonish (1959-1968)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 January, 1959 We Found The Ninth Wonder Of The World; I Know the Secret of the Poltergeist!; The Heat's On; I Was the First Man to Set Foot on... The Mystery Planet!; I Foiled an Enemy Invasion!L
2 March, 1959 When Aliens Meet!; Trouble Bubble; I Fell to the Center of the Earth!; I Was a Man in Hiding!; I Spent Eternity in a Deep Freeze!; My Job: Capture A Martian; Cover by Steve DitkoL
3 May, 1959 I Journeyed Back To The 20th Century; The Weatherman; I Discovered The Men From Mars!; I Found The Perfect Hiding Place In Space!; I Am The Giant From Outer Space!; I Escaped To The Stars; Cover by Jack KirbyL
4 July, 1959 I Was A Prisoner Of The Martians!; Masquerade; My Forbidden Paintings!; I Made Time Stand Still; I Love A Mermaid!; The Man Who Floats In Space!L
5 September, 1959 I Was Trapped By The Things On Easter Island!; The Inventor; I Am the Menace from Outer Space!; I Can See Tomorrow!; I Found the Nightmare Note; I Landed On The Forbidden PlanetL
6 November, 1959 I Saw The Invasion Of The Stone Men!; Patent Pending I was the Man Under Glass!; I Laughed at the Great God Pan; I Became a Human Bomb! ; I Was Prisoner of the Living Statues!; I was the Man Under Glass!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
7 January, 1960 He Waits For Us In The Glacier!; The Money Tree We Met in the Swamp!; I Lived a Ghost Story! ; I Saw the Other World! ; I Spent Midnight with the Thing on Bald Mountain!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
8 March, 1960 I Dared Defy The Floating Head! ; I Live Again! ; New Glasses ; I-Am-The-Genie! ; Mummex---King of the Mummies; Cover by Jack KirbyL
9 May, 1960 Return Of The Genie! ; No Way Out; Fangs Of The Bear; Time-Stream Rescue; I Saw Droom the Living Lizard! ; Cover by Jack KirbyL
10 July, 1960 Strange Power of Simon Drudd!!; Something Lurks Inside! ; I Was Trapped By Titano the Monster That Time Forgot! ; Only I Know When the World Will End!!!; The Flying Saucer That Was ; Cover by Jack KirbyL
11 September, 1960 I was face-to-face with the forbidden robot!; I dared to look into the beyond!; I wore...the mask of Drothor!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
12 October, 1960 Cover by Jack KirbyL
13 November, 1960 Cover by Jack KirbyL
14 December, 1960 Cover by Jack KirbyL
15 January, 1961 L
16 February, 1961 Cover by Jack KirbyL
17 March, 1961 L
18 April, 1961 L
19 May, 1961 Rommbu! His very name made mankind tremble!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
20 June, 1961 L
21 July, 1961 L
22 August, 1961 L
23 September, 1961 L
24 October, 1961 L
25 November, 1961 L
26 December, 1961 Beware! The Four-Armed Things!; He Walked Thru Walls!L
27A January, 1962 The Man in the Ant Hill!; Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...; The Talking Horse; Dead Planet!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
27B January, 1962 The Man in the Ant Hill!; Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...; The Talking Horse; Dead Planet!; UK Edition; Cover by Jack KirbyL
28 February, 1962 L
29 March, 1962 When the Space Beasts Attack!!; The Man Who Blew Up the Earth!; What Happened to Harry?; The Last Laugh!L
30 April, 1962 The Return of the Gorilla-Man; The Remedy Oil; The Thing From the Hidden Swamp; What Was the Staggering Secret of the 13th Floor; Quogg!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
31 May, 1962 L
32 June, 1962 Quicksand!; Venus!; The Bully Boy!; The Girl in the Black Hood!L
33 July, 1962 L
34 August, 1962 L
35 September, 1962 Return of the Ant-Man / An Army of Ants! / The Ant-Man's Revenge!; The Doorway to Nowhere!; The Thing From Outer Space!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
36 October, 1962 The Challenge of Comrade X!; The Hands of Time!; The Search For Pan!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
37 November, 1962 Trapped By the Protecter! / Face-to-Face With the Protector!; Afraid to Dream!; The Star Raiders; Cover by Jack KirbyL
38 December, 1962 Betrayed By the Ants!!; I Found the Impossible World!; Secret of the Statues!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
39 January, 1963 The Vengeance of the Scarlet Beetle!; Ozamm the Terrible!; The Toy Soldiers!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
40 February, 1963 The Day That Ant-Man Failed!; I Was Trapped in the Mad Universe!; The Worst Man on Earth!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
41 March, 1963 Prisoner of the Slave World!; When the Beast Walks!; The Curse!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
42 April, 1963 The Voice of Doom!; The Eyes of the Mummy!; I Am Not Human!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
43 May, 1963 The Mad Master of Time!; Frankie's Fast Ball!; My Fatal Mistake!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
44 June, 1963 The Creature From Kosmos!; Hunted; Cover by Jack KirbyL
45 July, 1963 The Terrible Traps of Egghead!; Bronson's Brain!; It Walks Like a Man!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
46 August, 1963 ..When Cyclops Walks the Earth!; The Secret of the Swamp!; The Most Dangerous Weapon!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
47 September, 1963 Music to Scream By; The Smiling Gods!; Target... Earth!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
48 October, 1963 The Porcupine!; Grayson's Gorilla!; The Little Green Man!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
49 November, 1963 The Birth of Giant-Man!; The End of a World!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
50 December, 1963 The Human Top!; The Secret of Sagattus!; No Ending!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
51 January, 1964 Showdown With the Human Top!; No Place to Turn!; Tales of the Wasp: Somewhere Waits a Wobbow!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
52 February, 1964 The Black Knight Strikes!; Tales of the Wasp: Not What They Seem!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
53 March, 1964 Trapped By the Porcupine!; Tales of the Wasp: When Wakes the Colossus!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
54 April, 1964 No Place to Hide!; There Were Five Frightened Men...!; Tales of the Wasp: Conquest!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
55 May, 1964 On the Trail of the Human Top!; Tales of the Wasp: The Gypsy's Secret!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
56 June, 1964 The Coming of the Magician!; Tales of the Wasp: Beware the Bog Beast!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
57 July, 1964 On the Trail of the Amazing Spider-Man!; A Voice in the Dark!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
58 August, 1964 The Coming of... Colossus; The Magician and the Maiden; Cover by Jack KirbyL
59 September, 1964 Enter: The Hulk; Let's Learn About Hank and Jan...; Cover by Jack KirbyL
60 October, 1964 The Beasts of Berlin!; The Incredible Hulk; Cover by Jack KirbyL
61 November, 1964 Now Walks the Android; Captured at Last!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
62 December, 1964 Giant-Man Versus the Wonderful Wasp!; Enter... The Chameleon!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
63 January, 1965 The Gangsters and the Giant!; A Titan Rides the Train!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
64 February, 1965 When Attuma Strikes!; The Horde of Humanoids!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
65 March, 1965 The New Giant-Man; On the Rampage Against the Reds!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
66 April, 1965 The Menace of Madam Macabre; The Power of Doctor Banner!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
67 May, 1965 The Mystery of the Hidden Man and His Rays of Doom!; Where Strides the Behemoth; Cover by Jack KirbyL
68 June, 1965 Peril From the Long-Dead Past!; Back From the Dead!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
69 July, 1965 Oh, Wasp, Where is Thy Sting?; Trapped in the Lair of the Leader!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
70 August, 1965 The Start of the Quest!; To Live Again!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
71 September, 1965 Escape... To Nowhere!; Like a Beast at Bay!; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
72 October, 1965 A Prince There Was!; Within the Monster Dwells a Man!; Cover by Jack Kirby,Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
73A November, 1965 By Force of Arms!; Another World, Another Foe!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
73B November, 1965 By Force of Arms!; Another World, Another Foe!; UK Edition; Cover by Jack KirbyN
74 December, 1965 When Fails the Quest!; The Wisdom of the Watcher!; Cover by Bob Powell,Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
75 January, 1966 The End of the Quest!; Not All My Power Can Save Me!; Cover by Jack Kirby,Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
76 February, 1966 Uneasy Hangs the Head..!; I, Against a World!; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
77 March, 1966 To Walk Amongst Men!; Bruce Banner is the Hulk!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
78 April, 1966 The Prince and the Puppet!; The Hulk Must Die!; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
79 May, 1966 When Rises the Behemoth; The Titan and the Torment!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
80 June, 1966 To the Death!; They Dwell in the Depths!; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
81 July, 1966 When a Monarch Goes Mad!; The Stage is Set!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
82 August, 1966 The Power of Iron Man!; The Battle Cry of the Boomerang!; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
83 September, 1966 The Sub-Mariner Strikes!; Less Than Monster, More Than Man!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
84 October, 1966 Like a Beast at Bay!; Rampage in the City!; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
85 November, 1966 --And One Shall Die; The Missile and the Monster!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
86 December, 1966 The Wrath of Warlord Krang!; The Birth of... The Hulk-Killer!; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
87 January, 1967 Moment of Truth!; The Humanoid and the Hero!; Cover by Gil KaneL
88 Febuary, 1967 A Stranger Strikes From Space!; Boomerang and the Brute!; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L
89 March, 1967 The Prince and the Power!; ...Then, There Shall Come a Stranger!; Cover by Gil KaneL
90 April, 1967 To Be Beaten By Byrrah!; The Abomination!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
91 May, 1967 Outside the Gates Waits.. Death!; Whosoever Harms the Hulk..!; Cover by Gil KaneL
92 June, 1967 It Walks Like a Man!; Turning Point!; Cover by Dan AdkinsL
93 July, 1967 The Monarch and the Monster!; He Who Strikes the Silver Surfer; Cover by Marie SeverinL
94 August, 1967 Helpless, at the Hands of Dragorr!; ..To the Beckoning Stars!; Cover by Dan AdkinsL
95 September, 1967 The Power of the Plunderer!; A World He Never Made!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
96 October, 1967 Somewhere Stands... Skull Island!; What Have I Created?; Cover by Dan AdkinsL
97 November, 1967 The Sovereign and the Savages; The Legions of: The Living Lightning; Cover by Jack KirbyL
98 December, 1967 ...To Destroy the Realm Eternal!; The Puppet and the Power!; Cover by Dan AdkinsL