Tales to Astonish (1979-1981)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1A December, 1979 Years of Glory-- Day of Doom!; Newsstand EditionL
2A January, 1980 Cry... Triton!; Newsstand EditionL
3A February, 1980 On a Clear Day You Can See... The Leviathan!; Newsstand EditionL
4B March, 1980 Who Strikes For Atlantis?; Direct EditionN
5B April, 1980 Watch Out For... Tiger Shark!; Direct Edition; Cover by John BuscemaN
6B May, 1980 ...And to the Vanquished-- Death!; ...And to the Vanquished -- Death!; Direct Edition; Cover by John BuscemaN
7B June, 1980 For President-- The Man Called Destiny!; For President -- The Man Called Destiny!; Direct EditionL
8B July, 1980 In the Rage of Battle!; Direct EditionL
9B August, 1980 The Spell of the Serpent!; Direct EditionL
10B September, 1980 Never Bother a Barracuda!; Direct EditionL
11B October, 1980 The Choice and the Challenge!; Direct EditionL
13B December, 1980 Death, Thou Shalt Die!; Deadly Game!; Direct EditionL