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GN Vol 1 January, 2002 Artists Respond; In Flanders Fields; Prayer; He Walks on Air; Untitled; Mind the Gap; Sacrifice; Zero Degrees of Separation; 3 Second Impact; Untitled; Untitled; Please Stand By...; Untitled; Pop-Grief; Massacre; Untitled; An Expert Opinion; Untitled; 9/12; Before the Fall, 2001; Flood (excerpt); How...; Untitled; Clown's Day Off; Uncertain Process; Untitled; 10-7-01; Sunday Morning; Untitled; Untitled; Untitled; Untitled; Untitled; The Patriot; What's Important; Untitled; The Sky Was So Blue That Day; Shoes!; Arab Americans; A View from D.C.; Untitled; Untitled; New York Report; Which One Is Real?; Bonjour; Untitled; Untitled; Untitled; Whitman's Dream; Untitled; Wake Up!; When They Should That Last All Clear; Untitled; Jeremiah 17, 7-9; Just Answer the Phone; Untitled; Los Angeles; Scenes from an Airport; Tribute to Balbir Singh Sodi; Simple Physics; Close to Home; Maybe Next Year...; Casting Call; NYC; Untitled; T.V. Exec Visits Ground Zero; Nothing But You on My Mind; Untitled; Before the Fall; The Shift; Untitled; Untitled; Untitled; Ordinary Heroes; Untitled; Untitled; Untitled; In the House of Light; Ayekah; Close; Untitled; If; News; The Last Time I Was in New York City...; That Day; Ground Zero; This Is Information; Cover by Eric DrookerL