What If? (1989-1998)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
-1 July, 1997 The Traitor; Cover by Ariel OlivettiL
1B July, 1989 What If the Avengers Had Lost the Evolutionary War?; Direct Edition; Cover by Keith PollardL
2 August, 1989 What If Daredevil Had Killed the Kingpin?; Cover by Keith PollardL
10B February, 1990 What If the Punisher's Family Had Not Been Killed in Central Park?; Direct EditionL
14B June, 1990 What If Captain Marvel Had Not Died?; Direct Edition; Cover by Ron LimL
17B September, 1990 What If Kraven the Hunter Had Killed Spider-Man?; Direct Edition; Cover by John Romita, Jr.L
20B December, 1990 What If Spider-Man Had Not Married Mary Jane Watson?; Direct Edition; Cover by Jim ValentinoL
21B January, 1991 What If Spider-Man Married the Black Cat?; Direct Edition; Cover by Jim ValentinoL
26B June, 1991 What If the Punisher Killed Daredevil?; Direct Edition; Cover by Luke McDonnellL
28 August, 1991 What If Captain America Were Not the Only Super Soldier in World War II?; Cover by Ron WilsonL
29B September, 1991 What If Captain America Had Formed the Avengers?; Direct Edition; Cover by Ron WilsonL
30B October, 1991 What If the Invisible Woman Had Her Second Child?; What If the Fantastic Four's Second Child Had Lived?; Direct EditionL
32B December, 1991 What If Phoenix Had Lived?; Direct Edition; Cover by Jan Anton HarpsL
33B January, 1992 What If Phoenix Rose Again?; Direct Edition; Cover by Rodney RamosL
35B March, 1992 Timequake, Part 1: What If the Fantastic Five Had Invaded the Negative Zone?; Direct Edition; Cover by Joe PhillipsL
42 October, 1992 What If Spider-Man Never Lost His Four Extra Arms?; Cover by Kevin WestL
44B December, 1992 What If Venom Had Possessed the Punisher?; Direct Edition; Cover by Luke McDonnellL
48 April, 1993 What If Daredevil Saved Nuke?; Cover by Kevin KobasicL
50B June, 1993 What If the Hulk Killed Wolverine?; Direct Edition; Silver Foil Embossed Cover ; Cover by Armando GilL
52 August, 1993 What If Dr. Doom Became Sorcerer Supreme?; Cover by Manny GalanL
53 September, 1993 What If the Iron Man of 2020 Had Been Stranded in the Past?; What If Rick Jones Remained the Hulk?; What If Spider-Man Killed the Lizard?; Cover by Dave SimonsL
55B November, 1993 What If the Avengers Lost Operation: Galactic Storm?, Part 1; Direct Edition; Cover by Craig BrasfieldL
58 February, 1994 The Day I Killed Spider-Man; Cover by Gordon PurcellL
59 March, 1994 What If Wolverine Had Remained a Captive of Alpha Flight?L
71B March, 1995 What If the Gamma Bomb Spawned a Thousand Hulks?; Direct Edition; Cover by Phil GosierL
98 June, 1997 Seeds of Yesterday; Cover by Frank TeranL
99 August, 1997 Mask of the Innocent; Cover by Leonardo MancoL
100B September, 1997 Paper Skin; There's No Place Like That Place Where You Sleep and Keep All Your Stuff; Direct EditionL
101 October, 1997 Angel of DeathL
107 April, 1998 If Thus Age Be Golden--!; Cover by Ronald Frenz - 'Ron Frenz'L