What The--? (1988-1993)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
6 January, 1990 Smacks Of Vengeance!; Sore Wants A Haircut!; Origin Of The Pulverizer; Adventures Into (Bordom!) Fear!; Cover by John ByrneL
16 January, 1992 Ock Around The Christmas Tree; The Grinch Who Stole Chanuka; Some To Watch Over Me; Are You Man Enough To Enter The Hous Of Misery?L
26 Winter, 1993 Spider-Ham 2099; The Origin Of The Silver Burper; RoboCob - Part Corn, Part Machine, All Sugar Free!; Beware The Hicks-Men!; What Would Happen If The Unhumans Tried To Meet The Fantastical Four For Their Arrival On The Moon?; It's Our Third Story, So We Have To Face.. Galactus!; An Abhorrent Affair; What If The Fantastic Four Stayed In The Movie Biz?; When Sue Was Bored; The Save Me, Why Must I Kill Me?; Dumsday: The Death Of Forbushman; 2099: A Marvel Update; Cover by Doug RiceL