X-Men (1991-2001, 2004-2008)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1C October, 1991 Rubicon; Direct Edition; Beast/Storm/Jean Grey/Professor X Cover; Cover by Jim LeeL
1J October, 1991 Rubicon; Wolverine/Cyclops/Iceman Cover; Comics X-Press Signed Edition; Signed by Jim Lee; Cover by Jim LeeL
2B November, 1991 Firestorm; Direct Edition; Cover by Jim LeeL
3B December, 1991 Fallout!; Direct Edition; Cover by Jim LeeL
11A August, 1992 The X-Men vs. the X-Men! (Again); Over ...Again; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Jim LeeL
13A October, 1992 Hazardous Territory; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Art ThibertL
14B November, 1992 X-Cutioner's Song, Part 3: Fingers on the Trigger; Newsstand Edition; Polybagged w/ Card; Cover by Andy KubertL
20A May, 1993 Digging in the Dirt; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Andy KubertL
27B December, 1993 A Song of Mourning, a Cry of Joy; Direct Edition; Cover by Richard BennettL