X-Men Unlimited (2004-2006)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 April, 2004 Memories; The Most Wonderful Time of Year; Cover by Pat LeeL
2 June, 2004 District X; All the Rage; Cover by Pat LeeL
3 August, 2004 Brothers; I'm Just a Poor Boy; Cover by Pat LeeL
4 October, 2004 Testing Times; Mutual Secrets; Cover by Pat LeeL
5 December, 2004 Follow the Leader; Bar Stools; Cover by Pat LeeL
6 February, 2005 Tempest in a Teapot; Contact; Cover by Pat LeeL
7 April, 2005 Double Feature; The Boy Who Wasn't There...; Cover by Paul SmithL
8 June, 2005 Wings Over the World; A Night at the Opera; Cover by Paul SmithL
9 August, 2005 Dead Man Walking; Resignation; Cover by Mark BrooksL
10 October, 2005 After-School Special; Ghost in the Graveyard; Cover by Paul SmithL
11 December, 2005 Brother's Keeper; So This Guy Walks Up to a Fruit Whipz Counter...; Cover by Mike Deodato, Jr.L
12 February, 2006 The Healing; Pain is Necessary, Suffering is Optional.; Cover by C.P. SmithL
13 April, 2006 Blind Love; A Wonderful Life; Cover by Mike Deodato, Jr.L
14 June, 2006 Dying Inside; How to Be an Artist; Cover by Leinil Francis YuL