X-Men: Age of Apocalypse - The Complete Epic
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TP Vol 1 April, 2006 Blink; By the Light...; Flashback: Breeding Ground; Full Recall; Mind Games; On the Side of the Angels; Origins; Shattered Dreams; Sinister Bloodlines; Sins of the Father; Through the Looking Glass...; Cover by Joe Madureira,Tim TownsendL
TP Vol 3 April, 2006 Body Heat; Burn; Choosing Sides; Hither Comes the Sugar Man!; Holocaust!; In Excess; It Only Hurts When I Sing; Last Stand; No Exit; Open Wounds; Parents of the Atom; To the Limits of Infinity; Turning PointL
TP Vol 4 August, 2006 ...Endings; Bye; Dying Breath; Full Recall; Into the Maelstrom!; On Consecrated Ground; On Fire; Racing the Night; Reckonings; The Art of War; The MazeL