Batman: The Dark Knight Archives
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
HC Vol 1A 1992 Batman; Batman and RobinL
HC Vol 1B December, 2004 Batman; Batman and Robin; 2nd PrintingL
HC Vol 2A 1995 L
HC Vol 2B 1995 2nd PrintingN
HC Vol 3 2000 The Isle That Time Forgot!L
HC Vol 4 2003 Here Comes Alfred; The Adventure of the Branded Tree; The Grade A Crimes!; The Joker ReformsL
HC Vol 5 January, 2007 Cover by Dick SprangL
HC Vol 6 December, 2009 Cover by Dick SprangL
HC Vol 7 December, 2010 L
HC Vol 8 January, 2013 Cover by Dick SprangL