Punisher: War Journal (1988-1995)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
8A September, 1989 Damage; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Jim LeeN
8B September, 1989 Damage; Direct Edition; Cover by Jim LeeL
18 May, 1990 Kahuna; Cover by Jim LeeL
28 March, 1991 Meat; Cover by Michael Golden - 'Mike Golden'L
38A January, 1992 Terminal Velocity; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Kevin KobasicL
38B January, 1992 Terminal Velocity; Direct Edition; Cover by Kevin KobasicL
48 November, 1992 Walk Through Fire, Part 1: Backs to the Wall; Cover by Doug Braithwaite - 'Dougie Braithwaite'L
58 September, 1993 Blood Red Moon; Cover by Gary KwapiszL
68 July, 1994 Pariah!, Part 4: Bad Turn; Trouble, Part 2: Family Values; Cover by Scott KoblishL
78 May, 1995 One Wicked Day; Cover by Douglas Wheatley - 'Doug Wheatley'L
80 July, 1995 Countdown, Part 0: The Last Bad Man; Cover by Jae LeeL