Franklin Richards: Lab Brat
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TP April, 2007 A New Light; Bouncing Baby Boy!; Christmas Time Warp!; Comic Book Free-For-All!; Field of Screams; Frankie, My Dear...; Freaky Franklin Friday!; H.E.R.B.I.E.'s Day Off; Hamster Havoc!; Masked Marvel; Masked Marvel Guest Starring Spider-Man!; Microscopic!; My Dinner With Doom(Bots)!; Now You See Me...; Ocean-Ape Escape!; Send in the Clones; Speed Demon; Squid Kid!; Supernovas, Part 2; Telepathy Terror!; The Blood of Apocalypse, Epilogue: The Future; Tons of Fun!; Turkey Trouble!; Veggin' Out!; Weather or Not; Choosing Sides; Conscientious Objector; Non-Human Americans; Shadow Boxing; Switching Sides; What Lorna Saw, Part 2: The Leper Queen; Cover by Chris Eliopoulos - 'Spike'L