Fear (1970-1975)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 November, 1970 Something Lurks Inside!; I Am the Genie!; Something Lurks Inside! ; I Dared Defy The Floating Head! ; I Live Again! ; I Was Trapped By Titano the Monster That Time Forgot! ; I-Am-The-Genie! ; Mummex---King of the Mummies; New Glasses ; Only I Know When the World Will End!!!; Strange Power of Simon Drudd!!; The Flying Saucer That Was ; Cover by Jack KirbyL
2 January, 1971 L
3 March, 1971 L
4 July, 1971 Cover by Marie SeverinL
5 November, 1971 Cover by Gil KaneL
6 February, 1972 Cover by Gil KaneL
7 April, 1972 L
8 June, 1972 Cover by John SeverinL
9 August, 1972 I Entered the Dimension of Doom!; The Greatest Magician of All; Dead Man's Escape!; Cover by Gil KaneL
10 October, 1972 Man-Thing!; The Spell of the Sea Witch!!; There is Something Strange About Mister Jones!; Cover by Gray MorrowL
11 December, 1972 Night of the Nether-Spawn!; The Spider Waits; Cover by Neal AdamsL
12 February, 1973 No Choice of Colors!; The Face of Horror!; Cover by James Starlin - 'Jim Starlin'L
13 April, 1973 Where Worlds Collide!; Mister Black; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
14 June, 1973 The Demon Plague!; Listen, You Fool; Cover by Val MayerikL
15 August, 1973 From Here to Infinity! / The Tale of the Tome!; Cover by Frank BrunnerL
16 September, 1973 Cry of the Native!; Cover by Frank BrunnerL
17 October, 1973 It Came Out of the Sky!; Cover by Frank BrunnerL
18 November, 1973 A Question of Survival!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
19 December, 1973 The Enchanter's Apprentice!; The Way It All Began!; Cover by Gil KaneL
20 February, 1974 Morbius the Living Vampire!; Midnight in the Wax Museum!; Cover by Gil KaneL
21 April, 1974 Project: Second Genesis!; Sorry... Mr. Hopkins!; Cover by Gil KaneL
22 June, 1974 --This Vampire Must Die!; Willie Brown is Out to Get Me!; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
23 August, 1974 Alone Against Arcturus!; The Last Stop; Cover by Gil KaneL
24 October, 1974 Return to Terror!; The Two-Faced Man; Cover by Gil KaneL
25 December, 1974 And What of a Vampire's Blood...?; The Faceless Ones; Cover by Gil KaneL
26 February, 1975 A Stillborn Genesis!; A World Gone Mad!; Cover by Gil KaneL
27 April, 1975 Night of the Vampire-Stalker; Cover by Gil KaneL
28 June, 1975 The Doorway Streaming Into Hell!; Cover by Gil KaneL
29 August, 1975 Through a Helleyes Darkly!; Cover by Don HeckL
30 October, 1975 The Vampires of Mason Manor!L
31 December, 1975 The End of a Vampire!; Cover by Gil KaneL