Marvel Masterworks (1987-2002)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
HC Vol 3A November, 1987 X-Men Volume 1; Beware of the Blob!; Enter, the Avengers!; No One Can Stop the Vanisher!; Sub-Mariner! Joins the Evil Mutants; The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!; The Coming of Ka-Zar; The Return of the Blob; The X-Men; Trapped: One X-Man!; Unus, the Untouchable!L
HC Vol 7A November, 1988 X-Men Volume 2; ...And None Shall Survive!; Among Us Stalk ...The Sentinels!; From Whence Comes... Dominus?; I, Lucifer...; If Iceman Should Fail--!; Lo! Now Shall Appear-- The Mimic!; Prisoners of the Mysterious Master Mold!; The Origin of Professor X!; The Supreme Sacrifice!; The Triumph of Magneto!; Where Walks the JuggernautL
HC Vol 11 November, 1989 Uncanny X-Men Volume 1; Call Him... Cyclops; Deathstar, Rising!; Greater Love Hath No X-Man...; I, the Iceman; Merry Christmas, X-Men...; My Brother, My Enemy!; Night of the Demon!; Second Genesis!; The Doomsmith Scenario! / Death O'er Valhalla High!; The Female of the Species!; Warhunt!; Call Him...Cyclops; The Sentinels Live!; The Torch is Passed...!; The Warlock Wears Three Faces!L