Kid Colt Outlaw (1948-1979)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
101 November, 1961 ''Treasure Trail'' reprinted from Rawhide Kid #5; ''Badman Behind Bars!'' reprinted in Two-Gun Kid #78; ''When the Outlaws Strike!'', ''the Outlaws'' reprinted in Kid Colt Outlaw #188; Cover by Jack KirbyL
102 January, 1962 ''Home Trail'' reprinted from Gunsmoke Western #37, ''Gun-Duel In Dorado'' reprinted in Kid Colt Outlaw #126; ''the Eyes of Orville Jones!'' reprinted in Mighty Marvel Western #3 & Gunslingers #1 ; Cover by Jack KirbyL
104 May, 1962 The Trial of Kid Colt; The Guns of Gringo Gillis; The Search; War in Chicamaw County!; Six-Gun Lesson; The Easy Way!; The Rustlers; The Secret of Painted Desert; Cover by Jack KirbyL
107 November, 1962 Cover by Jack KirbyL
110 May, 1963 Iron Mask!; Bullets Can't Stop Him!; Behind the Iron Mask!; The Revenge of Rio Bates; The Outlaw and the Sheriff; Squatter's Trail; Desperado; Indian Attack; Lawman; Rampage; Cover by Jack KirbyL
126 January, 1966 ''Gun Duel In Dorado'' reprinted from Kid Colt Outlaw #102; ''the Guns of Wes Hardin'' reprinted in Kid Colt Outlaw #183 & Mighty Marvel Western #5; Cover by Dick AyersL
174 September, 1973 When Sam Hawk Strikes; One-Hour Truce; Stampede; Lawmen Without Guns!; Pursuit in the Desert!; Slap Leather, Yella Belly!; Stampede!; The Harpers Ride Again!; The She-Bear; They Called Him the Judge!; Treasure Trail; Water Trail; When Sam Hawk Strikes!; A Man Named Colt!; Gantry's Curse!; Hired Gun!; Six-Gun Roadblock!; The Town!; Cover by Jack KirbyL