A1 (1989-1992)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 1989 The Big Button; Warpsmith: Ghostdance; Deadface: The Fall of Angels and Other Misfits; Bad Breed; The Ear of Seeing; Survivor; The Actress and the Bishop; Cover by Brian BollandL
2 1989 L
3 1990 The American; Deadface: The Book-Keeper from Atlantis; Cover by Brian BollandL
4 1990 L
5 1991 Cover Story; Bricktop: Sunglasses; In the Penal Colony; The Contact; Tor: Food Chai; Cover by William Stout - 'Bill Stout'L
6 1992 Tankgirl; She's F*cking Great!; Rescue; The Competition; The Happy Angel of Death; Harlequin Bones; Dada 331; Paris is a Ball; Alec MacGarry; Obsession; Bricktop: Fish; And they Never Get Drunk But Stay SoberL
7 1992 N