Essential Sub-Mariner
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TP September, 2009 --And One Shall Die; ...And Evil Shall Beckon!; ...Then, There Shall Come a Stranger!; ...To Destroy the Realm Eternal!; ..To the Beckoning Stars!; A Prince There Was!; A Stranger Strikes From Space!; A World He Never Made!; Another World, Another Foe!; Boomerang and the Brute!; Bruce Banner is the Hulk!; By Force of Arms!; Call Him Destiny... Or Call Him Death!; Escape... To Nowhere!; He Who Holds the Cosmic Cube; He Who Strikes the Silver Surfer; Helpless, at the Hands of Dragorr!; I, Against a World!; In Mortal Combat With... Sub-Mariner!; It Walks Like a Man!; Less Than Monster, More Than Man!; Let There Be Battle!; Like a Beast at Bay!; Moment of Truth!; Not All My Power Can Save Me!; Outside the Gates Waits.. Death!; Rampage in the City!; Somewhere Stands... Skull Island!; The Abomination!; The Battle Cry of the Boomerang!; The Birth of... The Hulk-Killer!; The End of the Quest!; The Hulk Must Die!; The Humanoid and the Hero!; The Legions of: The Living Lightning; The Missile and the Monster!; The Monarch and the Monster!; The Power of Iron Man!; The Power of the Plunderer!; The Prince and the Power!; The Prince and the Puppet!; The Puppet and the Power!; The Sovereign and the Savages; The Stage is Set!; The Start of the Quest!; The Sub-Mariner Strikes!; The Titan and the Torment!; The Torrent Without-- The Tumult Within!; The Wisdom of the Watcher!; The Wrath of Warlord Krang!; They Dwell in the Depths!; To Be Beaten By Byrrah!; To Live Again!; To the Death!; To Walk Amongst Men!; Turning Point!; Uneasy Hangs the Head..!; What Have I Created?; When a Monarch Goes Mad!; When Fails the Quest!; When Fall the Mighty!; When Falls the Holocaust!; When Rises the Behemoth; When the Monster Wakes!; Where Walk the Immortals!; Whosoever Harms the Hulk..!; Within the Monster Dwells a Man!; Cover by John BuscemaL