Incredible Hulk (1968-1999)
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Annual 3 January, 1971 To Live Again!; Like a Beast at Bay!; Within the Monster Dwells a Man!; Another World, Another Foe!; The Wisdom of the Watcher!; A Prince There Was!; By Force of Arms!; Escape... To Nowhere!; The Start of the Quest!; When Fails the Quest!; Cover by Herb TrimpeL
Annual 14B December, 1985 The Weakness of the Flesh!; Direct Edition; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
Annual 16B June, 1990 Lifeform, Part 3: Quality of Mercy; You Can't Always Get What You Want; The Hulk's Ten Best Brawls; The Nightmare Never Ends!; Direct Edition; Cover by Angel MedinaL