Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man (2005-2010)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
11 March, 2006 They Call Him Mad!; Cover by Mike NortonL
21A January, 2007 Fashion Victims!; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
21B January, 2009 Fashion Victims!; Family Dollar 3-Pack Reprint; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
22 February, 2007 World War G; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
23 March, 2007 Dust-Up in Aisle Seven!; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
24 April, 2007 Breaking Up is Venomous to Do!; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
26 June, 2007 Reading, Writing and a Robot; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
27 July, 2007 But Seriously, Folks...; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
33 January, 2008 The Tenant; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
35 March, 2008 The Side-Kick; Cover by Francis TsaiL
36 April, 2008 The Good Son; Cover by David NakayamaL
37 May, 2008 School of Hard Knocks; Cover by Sean MurphyL
45 January, 2009 Pieces of the Puzzle; Cover by Zach HowardL
48 April, 2009 Two For One; Cover by Francis TsaiL
49 May, 2009 Playing Hero; Cover by Francis TsaiL
50 June, 2009 Sinister Six(teenth); Nightmare Commute!; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
51 July, 2009 PVP (Pete vs. Pete); Cover by Graham NolanL
52 August, 2009 No Substitute; Cover by Carlos FerreiraL
53 September, 2009 A Sense of Responsibility; Cover by Skottie YoungL
54 October, 2009 Taken For a Ride; Cover by Skottie YoungL
55 November, 2009 Why I Was Late For Class; Cover by Skottie YoungL
56 December, 2009 Vigilantes; Cover by Skottie YoungL
57 January, 2010 The Silencer!; Cover by Skottie YoungL
58 February, 2010 Cover by Skottie YoungL
59 March, 2010 Cover by Skottie YoungL
60 April, 2010 I've Got a Badge!; Cover by Takeshi MiyazawaL
61 May, 2010 Cover by Takeshi MiyazawaL
TP Vol 3 August, 2006 Doom With a View; Doom With a View!; Make Mine Mysterio!; Nightmare on Spidey Street!; They Call Him Mad!; Weather or Not; End of the Rainbow!; Digest; Cover by Mike NortonL
TP Vol 6 July, 2007 The Black Costume; Breaking Up is Venomous to Do!; Dust-Up in Aisle Seven!; Fashion Victims!; World War G; Digest; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
TP Vol 7 November, 2007 Secret Identity; But Seriously, Folks...; I--Hate--Spider-Man!; Reading, Writing and a Robot; Three Rings... Of Danger!; Digest; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
TP Vol 9 June, 2008 Fiercest Foes; The Good Son; The Side-Kick; The Tenant; The Un-Natural; Digest; Cover by David NakayamaL
TP Vol 10 November, 2008 Identity Crisis; If I Had a Hammer...; Model Student; School of Hard Knocks; There's No Bee in Team; Digest; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
TP Vol 12 June, 2009 Jumping to Conclusions; ...Everything You Read...; Pieces of the Puzzle; Silent Nights; Two For One; Digest; Cover by Zach HowardL
TP Vol 13 October, 2009 Animal Attack!; Nightmare Commute!; No Substitute; Playing Hero; PVP (Pete vs. Pete); Sinister Six(teenth); Digest; Cover by Patrick ScherbergerL
TP Vol 14 February, 2010 Thwip!; A Sense of Responsibility; Taken For a Ride; Vigilantes; Why I Was Late For Class; Digest; Cover by Skottie YoungL
TP Vol 15 June, 2010 Peter Parker vs. the X-Men; I've Got a Badge!; Digest; Cover by Skottie YoungN