Avengers: The Initiative (2007-2010)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1C June, 2007 Happy Accidents; Right Side Cover; Cover by Jim CheungL
2 June, 2007 Hero Moment; Cover by Jim CheungL
3 August, 2007 Bug Hunt; Cover by Jim CheungL
4 September, 2007 Green Zone; Cover by Jim CheungL
5 October, 2007 Secret Weapons; Cover by Jim CheungL
6 November, 2007 Persons of Interest; Cover by Stefano CaselliL
7 December, 2007 Triple Threat; Cover by Stefano CaselliL
8 February, 2008 Killed in Action, Part 1: SNAFU; Cover by Stefano CaselliL
9 March, 2008 Killed in Action, Part 2: First Casualties; Cover by Stefano CaselliL
10 May, 2008 Killed in Action, Part 3: Confirmed Kills; Cover by Stefano CaselliL
11 June, 2008 Killed in Action, Part 4: Worst Case Scenario; Cover by Steve UyL
12 June, 2008 Changing of the Guard; Cover by Steve UyL
13A July, 2008 Washout; Cover by Steve UyL
14 August, 2008 We Have Met the Enemy, and They are Us!; Cover by Mark BrooksL
15 September, 2008 The Only Good Skrull; Cover by Mark BrooksL
16 October, 2008 Skrull-$%#@ers; Cover by Mark BrooksL
17 November, 2008 Home Field Advantage; Cover by Mark BrooksL
18A December, 2008 Don't Shoot 'Til You See the Green of Their Eyes!; Cover by Mark BrooksL
19 January, 2009 V-S Day; Cover by Mark BrooksL
20 February, 2009 Acceptable Losses; Cover by Mark BrooksL
21 March, 2009 Disassembled, Part 1; Cover by Humberto RamosL
22 April, 2009 Disassembled, Part 2; Cover by Humberto RamosL
23 June, 2009 Disassembled, Part 3; Cover by Humberto RamosL
24 July, 2009 Disassembled, Part 4; Cover by Humberto RamosL
25 August, 2009 Disassembled, Part 5; Cover by Humberto RamosL
26 September, 2009 Up is Down; Cover by Matteo De LongisL
27A October, 2009 Even the Losers; The Taking of 42; Cover by Matteo De LongisL
28 November, 2009 Uprising; Cover by Matteo De LongisL
29A December, 2009 Nightmares; Cover by Matteo De LongisL
30 January, 2010 Walking Nightmare; Cover by Rafa SandovalL
31A February, 2010 Poisoned Chalice; Cover by David YardinL
32A March, 2010 Seize the Day; Cover by David YardinL
33A April, 2010 The Hammer Falls, Part 1; Cover by David YardinL
34 May, 2010 The Hammer Falls, Part 2; Cover by David YardinL
35 July, 2010 The Hammer Falls, Part 3; Cover by David YardinL
Annual 1 January, 2008 Second Best; Reason For Being; Be All That You Can Be; Born to Serve; State of Readiness; Cover by Jim CheungL