Marvel Fanfare (1982-1992)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
2 May, 1982 To Sacrifice My Soul...; Annihilation; Cover by Trevor Von Eeden,Michael Golden - 'Mike Golden'L
12 January, 1984 The Web Tightens!; Marvel Annfare; Cover by George Perez,Allen Milgrom - 'Al Milgrom'L
20 May, 1985 The Clash, Part 1; Cover by Allen Milgrom - 'Al Milgrom',James Starlin - 'Jim Starlin'L
21 July, 1985 The Clash, Part 2; Wraparound Cover; Cover by James Starlin - 'Jim Starlin'L
22 September, 1985 Night of the Octopus; Wraparound Cover; Cover by Ken SteacyL
23 November, 1985 From the Ashes; Wraparound Cover; Cover by Ken SteacyL
24 January, 1986 The Were-Men of Lord Raven!; Elegy; Cover by P. Craig Russell,David Ross - 'Dave Ross'L
25 March, 1986 Raven's Dark Sorcery; School's Out!; Cover by Pat BroderickL
26 May, 1986 The Goblin Spree; Death and the Queen; Cover by Pat Broderick,Will JungkuntzL
27 July, 1986 Cars; Spidey Gets Ansy; Cover by Marc Hempel,Tony SalmonsL
28 September, 1986 Murder By Numbers 1, 2, 3... It's as Easy to Learn... As Your A-B-Cs!; Wraparound Cover; Cover by Ken SteacyL
29 November, 1986 A Terrible Thing to Waste...; Story; Cover by John Byrne,Norm BreyfogleL
32 May, 1987 Is This the Way the World Ends?; Rosie; Cover by Kerry GammillL
42 February, 1989 Windfall!; Once More in the City of Light; Cover by Bob Hall,Terry ShoemakerL
52 August, 1990 When Knights Were Bold..., Part 1: The Legend of the Black Knight; Mirror, Mirror; Cover by Ernie Chan - 'Ernie Chua',Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L