Marvel Fanfare (1982-1992)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
4 September, 1982 Lost Souls!; Mindgame; Ordeal!; Wraparound Cover; Cover by Paul SmithL
14 May, 1984 Dangerous Vision; Against Attilan; Cover by Rick Leonardi,Alan WeissL
24 January, 1986 The Were-Men of Lord Raven!; Elegy; Cover by P. Craig Russell,David Ross - 'Dave Ross'L
34 September, 1987 Tales of Asgard: Life With Volstagg; Cover by Charles VessL
40 October, 1988 Chiaroscuro; Deal With the Devil!; Cover by David Mazzucchelli,Craig HamiltonL
41 December, 1988 ...Perchance to Dream.; Cover by Dave GibbonsL
42 February, 1989 Windfall!; Once More in the City of Light; Cover by Bob Hall,Terry ShoemakerL
43 April, 1989 Time After Time; Death in a Vacuum!; Cover by Mike MignolaL
44 June, 1989 Doombug; Wraparound Cover; Cover by Ken SteacyL
45 August, 1989 Wraparound Cover; Pin-Up Edition; Cover by John ByrneL
46 October, 1989 Inside Job!; The Day After; Cover by Tod SmithL
47 Mid November, 1989 Renovation; Wraparound Cover; Cover by Michael Golden - 'Mike Golden'L
48 December, 1989 World's Hero... Father's Shame!; California Dreaming; Run Through the Jungle; Cover by Kerry Gammill,Ron WilsonL
49 February, 1990 Strange on the Range; Two Guns Against the Gang!; Wraparound Cover; Cover by Alan WeissL
54 December, 1990 When Knights Were Bold..., Part 3: Dishonor!; One Life to Die, Part 1: Pieces of Fear; Cover by Tod Smith,Richard HowellL