Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine (2005-2007)
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TP Vol 3 August, 2006 ...The Straight Approach!; A Family Affair, Part 2: Bad Blood!; A Family Affair, Part 3: Reunion; A Family Affair, Part 4: Final Jeopardy; Any Number Can Play; Children of the Beast, Part 1: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress; Children of the Beast, Part 2: The Gathering Storm; Children of the Beast, Part 3: Trail of Blood; Children of the Beast, Part 4: Leader of the Pack; Children of the Beast, Part 5: Communion; Children of the Beast, Part 6: Reborn to Be Wild!; Family Matters, Part 1: Brotherly Love; Family Matters, Part 2: Confrontation; Family Matters, Part 3: Pursuit!; Family Matters, Part 4: Brotherly Love; Heads I Win, Tales You Lose.; Kids Will Be Kids; Last Resort; Neptune's Eye, Part 1: Strange Visitors; Neptune's Eye, Part 2: The Old Man in the Sea; Neptune's Eye, Part 3: Sending Them Home; Neutralizing Effects; On the Road, Part 1: The Long and Winding Road; On the Road, Part 2: With Friends Like These...; On the Road, Part 3: Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory; On the Road, Part 4: Death Don't Have No Mercy; On the Road, Part 5: You Can Run... But You Can't Hide; On the Road, Part 6: Old Friends; On the Road, Part 7: ...Top of the World; On the Road, Part 8: Instant Karma; Separate Lives, Part 1: Yesterdays!; The American Way; The Crown Jewel Caper; The Dark Light of Kali; The Librarian; The Other Way Out; The Real Thing; The Sons of Mary Tao-Yu; The Wilding, Part 1: Face-Off; The Wilding, Part 2: The First Cut is the Deepest!; The Wilding, Part 3: Animals Under the Skin; Vandals of the Heart!, Part 1: Hate Dancer; Vandals of the Heart!, Part 2: Separate Lives, Part 2: A Pirate's Life For Me!; Cover by Dale KeownL