Marvel Two-In-One (2007-2009)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1A September, 2007 The Replacements; X-Men 101; Newsstand EditionL
1B September, 2007 The Replacements; X-Men 101; Direct EditionL
2 October, 2007 The Leader Has a Big Head; The Bird, the Beast and the Lizard; [Untitled]L
3 November, 2007 Finding Zemo; A Life of the MindL
4 December, 2007 The Masters of Evil or... Too Many Chiefs... Not Enough Braves; Seeing RedL
5 January, 2008 The Trickster and the Wrecker; The Littlest Frost Giant; The Couch; Guns, Gems, Robots and Terrorists!L
6 February, 2008 The U-Foes!; The S-Men; Making a Snowman; Molecular Mayhem; The French Bread; Enemy of the Stars, Part 2: Main Event!; Medieval WomenL
17 January, 2009 It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...; Pirated!; Passing the Torch, Part 3: Torchin' the Avengers; Passing the Torch, Part 2: When the Torch Quits...; The End is the BeginningL