Marvel Adventures Two-In-One (2007-2009)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 September, 2007 Pyramid Scheme; But Seriously, Folks...; Cover by Carlo Pagulayan,Patrick ScherbergerL
4 December, 2007 Countdown to Oblivion; Passing the Torch, Part 1: Flamin' Safe; Whirlwind Tour; World War HulkL
5 January, 2008 Fired; Meet the ParentsL
7 March, 2008 The Hulk; The TenantL
8 April, 2008 Doing More; The Un-NaturalL
9 May, 2008 Goin' Shoppin'; The Side-KickL
10 June, 2008 Is He Man or Monster or... Is He Both?; Passing the Torch, Part 1: Flamin' Safe; The Good Son; World War HulkL
11 July, 2008 School of Hard Knocks; The Hulk Takes ManhattanL
12 August, 2008 Radioactive; There's No Bee in TeamL
13 September, 2008 Model Student; Passing the Torch, Part 3: Torchin' the Avengers; The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Mayhem!; Passing the Torch, Part 2: When the Torch Quits...; The End is the BeginningL
14 October, 2008 Cowboy Up; If I Had a Hammer...L
15 November, 2008 It's Storytellin' Time; The Need For Speed Stampede!L
16 December, 2008 Cat Fight!; Law & Order: Atlantis; The Iron Avengers, Part 8: Iron Thor Doth Wear Baggy Pants; The Big Race!; The Iron Avengers, Part 5: Iron Man's Late Revenge on Iron Hawkeye; The Iron Avengers, Part 6: Iron Cap Does Not Have Super-Powers, Does He?; The Iron Avengers, Part 7: The X-Men vs. the Iron... Sentinels?L
17 January, 2009 A Whale of a Tale; Everybody's Gone Surfing H-U-L-K; The Iron Avengers, Part 10: The Insult That Made an Iron Man Out of ''Max''; Iron Many, Part 1: Armored and Dangerous; The Iron Avengers, Part 11: TV is Harmful; The Iron Avengers, Part 12: Putting Ka-Zar in Iron; The Iron Avengers, Part 9: Putting the X-Men in IronL
18 February, 2009 Day of the Defenders!; Evil on a Grander Scale; The Iron Avengers, Part 15: Elephant Steve Never Forgets; Seven Rings Hath the MandarinL
19 March, 2009 Analyze [Crossed Out] Smash This; Mini Marvel Classics; Pieces of the Puzzle; Wakanda Wild Side!L
20 April, 2009 Mini Marvel Classics; Silent Nights; The Unstoppable Mr. Marko; New AvengersL