2099 Unlimited (1993-1995)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1B July, 1993 Nothing Ever Changes!!; Hulk 2099; Direct Edition; Cover by Joe Brozowski - 'J.J. Birch'L
2B October, 1993 Thirty Mile Mall; Remote Control; Hoist With His Own Petard; Direct Edition; Cover by Joe Brozowski - 'J.J. Birch'L
3 January, 1994 Water God; Spare Changes; Kid Current, Online!; Cover by Joe Brozowski - 'J.J. Birch'L
4A April, 1994 Hammer's Echo; Metalscream 2099; Lachryma 2099; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Paul RyanL
7 November, 1994 Mirrors; Opening Night or the Play's the Thing; Metalscream II: Old Red-Eyes is Back; Indicia gives date as 1/1995; Cover by Edmund PerrymanL
9 July, 1995 Night of the Impaler; The Secrets of Spider-Man 2099; Steel Rain; The Dump; Cover by Joe KubertL
10 October, 1995 Chameleon 2099; Machina Jones; R-Gang vs. the Gargantuoid or: Pride Before the Fall; Cover by Jim Fern - 'James Bosch'L