Marvel: Portraits of a Universe (1995)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 March, 1995 Book One: In the Beginning; Wraparound Cover; Cover by John Estes,Simon Bisley,John Van Fleet,Bret Blevins,Lou Harrison,Angus McKie,Alan CraddockL
2 April, 1995 Book Two: Age of Heroes; Cover by Dan Brereton,Simon Bisley,Mark A. Nelson,Bret Blevins,Mike Okamoto,Mark EvansL
3 April, 1995 Book Three: Triumph and Tragedy; Cover by Bob Fingerman,Kieron Dwyer,Scott Hampton,Lou Harrison,Tristan Shane,Vincent Deighan - 'Frank Quitely'L
4 June, 1995 Book Four; Cover by Ariel Olivetti,Bret Blevins,Dan Lawlis,Lou Harrison,Glenn Kim,Steve SampsonL