Spectacular Spider-Girl: Who Killed Gwen Reilly? (2010)
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TP May, 2010 --And Now, the Goblin!; 48 Hours; A Matter of Trust; Angels & Devils; Best of Enemies!; Between Flights; Birthday Girl; Bridge and Tunnel; Canine Commotion; Career Paths!; Common Ground!; Dark Reflection; Echoes; Exit Interview; Family Ties!; Gang War, Shmang War! What I Want to Know is... Who the Heck is Hammerhead?; In the Grip of the Goblin!; Into the Fire!; Just an Old Sweet Song; Legacy... In Black and White; Like a Fury Scorned!; Litter Bugged Out!; Loa and Order!!; Love and Marriage; No More Hay!; Relevant Experience; The Amazing Spider-Ma'am; The Final Chapter!; The Gauntlet Origins: Electro; The Gauntlet Origins: Mysterio; The Gauntlet Origins: Rhino; The Goblin's Last Gasp!; The Irritable J. Jonah Jameson; The Last Battle!; The Last Stand of the Fabulous Frog-Man; The Long Road...; The Punch; The Secret Origin of Swiney-Girl!; The Spectacular Rider-Man; There's a New Spider-Girl in Town!; They Call the Doctor... Octopus; They First Make Mad!; Those Who Never Return!; Treasure Hunted; Venom; Walking the Talk; Western Promises; Who is Gwen Reilly?; Who Killed Gwen Reilly?; Whom Gods Destroy; Why Not Have Spider-Man Lose Control of His Spider-Sense?; Gang War, Schmang War! What I Want to Know is... Who the Heck is Hammerhead?; They Call the Doctor ... Octopus!; Cover by Ronald Frenz - 'Ron Frenz'L