Midnight Sons Unlimited (1993-1995)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1B April, 1993 Eyes of the Beholder; From the Light, Darkness; On the Wings of Angels; Blood is Thicker...; Direct Edition; Cover by Mark TexeiraL
2 July, 1993 Bloodbath; Skin; The Lure; The Organ Grinder; Cover by Bill SienkiewiczL
4 January, 1994 Siege of Darkness, Part 17: Moral Courage; Cover by Tristan CoffinL
5 April, 1994 The Beguiling; Kindred Spirits, Lost Souls; Cover by Alan RabinowitzL
6 July, 1994 Necromancing; To Seek the Shaman's Secret; Night of the Bloodpack; A Love Supreme; Cover by Jim HostonL
7 October, 1994 When the Spirit Moves: Retribution / Recollection; Blood Brothers; Moon-Jack; Cover by Lee SullivanL