Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger (1988-1991)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1A October, 1988 Blind Salvation!; Newsstand Edition; Cover by Ron WagnerL
1B October, 1988 Blind Salvation!; Direct Edition; Cover by Ron WagnerL
2 December, 1988 Straying From the Path!L
3 February, 1989 Alienation!; Cover by Carl PottsL
4 April, 1989 Inferno Epilogue: Isolation!; Cover by Mike VosburgL
5 June, 1989 Ecstasy; Cover by Terry AustinL
6 August, 1989 Agony is Ecstasy; Cover by Mike VosburgL
7 October, 1989 Tyrone; Cover by Mike VosburgL
8 Mid November, 1989 Pink Elephants on Parade!; Cover by Mike VosburgL
9 December, 1989 To Battle the Avengers; Cover by Mike VosburgL
10 February, 1990 The Uncontrollable... X-Force!; Cover by Mike VosburgL
11 April, 1990 The Marked Man!; Cover by Jackson Guice - 'Butch Guice'L
12 June, 1990 Duplicity, Deceptions and Doctor Doom!; Cover by Rick LeonardiL
13 August, 1990 The Big Oblivion Scenario; Cover by Rick LeonardiL