New Warriors Classic (2009-2011)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 September, 2009 Freedom is Only a Choice Away!; From the Ground Up!; Genetech Potential / Broken Break-Ins / Of Dreams and Nightmares / Psionex-- The Way of the Future! / Of Right and Wrong; I Am, Therefore I Think; Introducing... The New Warriors!; Mirror Moves; The Gentleman's Name is Juggernaut!; The Inhuman Condition; The Man Who Stole Tomorrow; The Psychic Slaveship of Space!; Cover by Mark BagleyL
TP Vol 2 June, 2010 Close Encounters of the Mutant Kind; Hard Choices, Part 1: The Heart of the Hunter; Hard Choices, Part 2: Devils at the Doorstep; Hard Choices, Part 3: Following the Line Along the Middle; Kings of Pain, Part 1: Pawns of Senescence; Kings of Pain, Part 2: Errant Knights; Kings of Pain, Part 3: Queens of the Sacrifice; Kings of Pain, Part 4: King of Pain; Origins of the New Warriors: Night Thrasher / Marvel Boy / The Origin of Neils, the Bouncing Cat... Oh, and Speedball, the Masked Marvel / Firestar / Namorita / Kid Nova / Genesis; Rumble; The Enemy Within; The Killing Stroke, Part 1: The First Cut; The Killing Stroke, Part 2: The Razor's Edge; The Killing Stroke, Part 3: Sacrificial Lambs; The Origin of the X-Men; To Bounce or Not to Bounce; Tribute, Part 3; Cover by Mark BagleyN
TP Vol 3 October, 2011 By Reason of Insanity?; Forever Yesterday, Part 1: Days of Present Past; Forever Yesterday, Part 2: A Betrayal of Hope; Forever Yesterday, Part 3: A World For the Winning; Ground War; Rage of Angels; Sore Winners; The Breeze of an Underwater Wind; The Sushi PeopleL