Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (2006)
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TP March, 2006 A: From Abomination to Avengers Quinjet; B-C: From Baron Mordo to the Collective Man; Book of the Dead and Inactive 1: Air-Walker to Man-Wolf; Book of the Dead and Inactive 2: Marvel Boy to Zuras; Book of Weapons, Hardware, and Paraphernalia; C-D: From the Collector to Dracula; D-G: From Dragon Man to Gypsy Moth; H-J: From Hangman to Juggernaut; K-M: From Kang to Man-Bull; M: From Mandarin to Mystique; N-P: From Namorita to Pyro; Q-S: From Quasar to She-Hulk; S-U: From Subterraneans to Ursa Major; S: From Shi'ar to Sub-Mariner; V-Z: From Valkyrie to Zzzax; Cover by John ByrneL