Marvel Premiere Classic Library (2006-2013)
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HC Vol 28 August, 2009 Black Widow: The Sting of the Widow; ...And to All a Good Night; An Evening's Wait For Death!; An Hour For Thunder!; And Death is a Woman Called Widow; Beware... The Black Widow!; Blood Will Tell!; Deadlock; Friend Against Friend!; Hell on Earth!; His Brother's Keeper!; How Shall I Kill Thee? Let Me Count the Ways!; Pawns of the Mandarin; Tales of the Watcher: The Failure; The Crimson Dynamo Strikes Again!; The Inhumans!; The Seance; The Sinister Space Trap!; The Sting of the Widow!; The Widow and the Militants!; The Young Warriors!; Then Came... The Black Widow; With These Rings, I Thee Kill!; Face-to-Face at Last With Baron Mordo!L