Marvel Premiere Classic Library (2006-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
HC Vol 26 July, 2009 Guardians of the Galaxy: The Power of Starhawk; At War With Arcturus!; Breaking Up is Death to Do! / The Last Can of Worms!; Death-Bird Rising!; Embrace the Void!; Into the Maw of Madness!; Just Another Planet Story!; Once Upon a Time... The Silver Surfer!; Planet of the Absurd!; The Shipyard of Deep Space!; The Topographical Man; When Lands the Saucer! / Let Earth Be the Prize!; Tales of the Watcher: The Coming of the Krills!L
HC Vol 38 February, 2010 Avengers: The Korvac Saga; The Destiny Hunt!; The Hope... And the Slaughter!; The Korvac Saga, Part 1: Tomorrow Dies Today!; The Korvac Saga, Part 2: First Blood; The Korvac Saga, Part 3: ...Though Hell Should Bar the Way!; The Korvac Saga, Part 4: ...Where Angels Fear to Tread; The Korvac Saga, Part 5: Holocaust in New York Harbor!; The Korvac Saga, Part 6: Threshold of Oblivion!; The Korvac Saga, Part 7: Captives of the Collector!; The Korvac Saga, Part 8: The End... And Beginning!; Thunder in the 31st Century! / And They Shall Be Guardians of the Galaxy / The Master Plan of Korvac! / This Battleground Paradise!; The Korvac Saga, Part 10: The Hope...And the Slaughter!; The Korvac Saga, Part 9: The Destiny Hunt!L
HC Vol 75 September, 2011 Fantastic Four: The Overthrow of Doom; Beware the Ravaging Retrievers!; Day of the Death-Demon!; He Who Soweth the Wind...!; The Greatest FF Saga of All!, Part 1: Who in the World is the Invincible Man?; The Greatest FF Saga of All!, Part 2: The Riotous Return of the Red Ghost!; The Greatest FF Saga of All!, Part 3: Invasion!; The Greatest FF Saga of All!, Part 4: The Son of Doctor Doom!; The Greatest FF Saga of All!, Part 5: When Titans Clash! / Beginning of the End! / At Long Last, Defeat! At Long Last, Victory! / Latveria: A Nation Anew!; Vengeance is Mine!; Limited to 550 CopiesL
HC Vol 87 April, 2012 Avengers: The Serpent Crown; 20,000 Leagues Under Justice!; Claws!; Crisis on Other-Earth; Go West, Young Gods!; Right Between the Eons!; The Gods and the Gang!; The Phantom Empire!; Limited to 410 CopiesL
HC Vol 89 May, 2012 Avengers: The Private War of Dr. Doom; At Last: The Decision!; Avengers Assemble!; Home is the Hero!; Night Vision!; Nightmare in New Orleans!; No Final Victory!; Pawns of Attuma!; The Private War of Doctor Doom!; To Stand Alone!; When Strikes Attuma?; The Old Order Changeth!; Limited to 490 CopiesL
HC Vol 104 October, 2012 Avengers: The Bride of Ultron; ...The Trial!; A Ghost of Stone!; Beware the Ant-Man!; Day of the Godslayer!; Hammer of Vengeance!; Siege By Stealth and Storm!; The Bride of Ultron!; The Demi-God Must Die!; To Fall By Treachery!; When Avengers Clash!L