Marvel Premiere Classic Library (2006-2013)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
HC Vol 30 September, 2009 Hercules: Prince of Power; --Not Just Another Galactus Story!; A Pearl of Great Price!; Deadly Legacy; For the Love of Gods; My Love is... Green?; Red Wolf Stalks the Stars!; What Fools These Immortals Be!; Whom the God Would Destroy!L
HC Vol 40 March, 2010 Black Widow: Web of Intrigue; Back in the U.S.S.R.; By Virtue of Blood!; How Fear Came; I Got the Yo-Yo... You Got the String; Kaa's Hunting!; Marvel Annfare; Safe Streets; Tales of Asgard: Ballad of the Warriors Three; The Coldest War; The Web Tightens!; The Widow... Alone; Widow; With Friends Like These...; By Virtue of Blood!; I Got the Yo-Yo... You Got the String; Safe StreetsL
HC Vol 41 March, 2010 Iron Man: Iron Monger; And One of Them Must Die!; Call Him... Thundersword!; Otherwhere!; Resolutions! / A New Era! / Conflict!; Revelations!; The Choice and the Challenge!; The Thing Most PreciousL
HC Vol 44 May, 2010 Avengers: West Coast Avengers Assemble; ...And Make Death Proud to Take Us!; And the Rocket's Red Glare!; Avengers Assemble!; Blanking Out!; Boys Will Be Boys; Chain of Command!; Finale; Gatherings; Late Night of the Super-Stars!; Soul Gauntlet; Taking Care of Business!; When Giants Walk the Earth! / Enter: Goliath / Three Stood Together!; Wild in the Streets!; World Power!L