Marvel Premiere Classic Library (2006-2013)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
HC Vol 73 August, 2011 X-Men: Fallen Angels; A Devil Among the Angels!; Every Card is Wild; Grownups and Children; I'll Take the High Road And I'll Take the Low Road And I'll Get to Sunspot Before Me; Lost and Found; Runaway; The Coconut Grove; Triple Cross; Limited to 775 CopiesL
HC Vol 93 June, 2012 Cloak & Dagger: Crime and Punishment; Cloak and Dagger!; Crime & Punishment!; Dagger's Light; Dancin' the Night Away!; How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down at the Morgue After They've Seen N.Y.C.?; In Darkness Seldom Seen!; Stalkers in the Shadows; Such Sweet Sorrow...; The Dagger at the End of the Tunnel!; The Final Answer!; The Great Cloak and Dagger Hunt!; The Hunters and the Hunted!; Limited to 360 CopiesL