Marvel Premiere Classic Library (2006-2013)
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HC Vol 63 April, 2011 Thor: The Warriors Three Unleashed; ...A Tale of Asgard!; ...Gaze Into My Eyes...; Acts of Vengeance, Part 3: Dancing in the Dark; Citizen Kang, Part 2: The Hammer, the Cross-- And the Eye; Deadly Dimensions, Part 3: The Thing's in the Basement; Evil Aborning; I... This Hammer! (or: If You Knew Uru Like We Knew Uru!); If Asgard Falls...; Lest the Heavens Perish!; Looking For Trouble!; Mad Merlin!; Paradise Lost; Tales of Asgard: Tales of Asgard: The Way of the Warrior!; Tales of Asgard: The Greatest Love; Tales of Asgard: Volstagg the Lion of Asgard; The Enchantress and the Executioner!; The Heart of Power; The Hero and the Horror!; The Ten Most Heinous Enemies of the Mighty Thor!; The Theft of Thor's Hammer!; The Thief of Asgard; Two Dooms to Destroy Me!; Vandals of the Heart!, Part 7: Fools Rush In; Volstagg's Mostly Greatest Adventure; When Gods Wear Mortal Flesh!; When Volstagg Was in Flower!; When Warriors Clasp!; Call Her Medusa; Defying the Magic of... Mad Merlin!; Frederick Fenton's Future; Tales of Asgard: The Boyhood of Thor!, Part 4: Thor's Mission to Mirmir!; To Live Forever; Limited to 645 CopiesL