New Comics (1935-1936)
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1 December, 1935 The Horseshoe; Soap-Box Racer; Introducing Cowhide; Vikings, Episode 1; Knife Ambush, Part 1; New York to San Diego, Part 1; New York to San Diego, Part 2; Goat Initiation; Sawbones, C.O.D.; 17-20 in the Black, Part 1 (1); 17-20 in the Black, Part 1 (2); Chikko Chakko; A Voyage to Lilliput; It's a Dern Lie; The Friends Meet; Howdy Do Soaks!; The Lightning Salvation; The Secret Cruise, Part 1; The Time Machine, Part 1 (1); The Time Machine, Part 1 (2); Jibby Jones; The North Pole from the Bottom Up; Sons of the Red Cormorant, Part 1; Bunko the Bear; The Camera; Freddie Bell He Means Well; Captain Quick, Episode 1; Cover by Vin SullivanL
2 January, 1936 Jibby Jones; Hash; Knife Ambush, Part 2; Dickie Duck; Castaway Island, Episode 1; Billy the Kid; Stagecoach, Part 1; The Vikings, Episode 2; Big Linda's Revenge; The Test of a Man; Freddie Bell, He Means Well; Sons of the Red Cormorant, Part 2; Just Suppose; The Train Robbery, Part 1; The Manning Baby Kidnapping; Target Practice; Beany; The Can-Opener; The Time Machine, Part 2; Needles Uses His Noodle; Chikko Chakko; 17-20 on the Black, Part 2; Captain Quick, Episode 2; The Secret Cruise, Part 2; Gulliver's Travels, Part 2; Cover by Robert LeffingwellL
3 February, 1936 The Train Robbery, Part 2; Hash Amuses Himself; Billy the Kid; Jibby Jones; Knife Ambush, art 3; Bull by the Tail; The Secret Cruise, Part 3; The Stagecoach, Part 2; 17-20 on the Black, Part 3; Dickie Duck; Mystery of the Gold Pieces; Chikko Chakko; King Arthur, Part 1; Dare-Devil Dunk; Just Suppose; The Vikings, Part 3; A Pickle Complex; Licorice; Dear Old Dad; Castaway Island, Part 2; The Time Machine, Part 3; Needles Uses His Noodle; Freddie Bell; Love Thy Neighbor; Sons of the ed Cormorant, Part 3; Sara Lou Sunshine; Court Chucles; The Fireman; The Circus is Comin'!; King Bozo; Cover by Vin SullivanL
4 March-April, 1936 The Sling Shot; The Vikings, Episode 4; Heading South, Part 1; A Tale of Two Cities, Episode 1; Introducing Click Allen; 17-20 on the Black, Part 4; Great Guns; Chikko Chakko; Introducing Jungle Boy; Asking Helen to the Dance; The Train Robbery, Part 3; Just Suppose; Illo; King Arthur, Episode 2; The Stagecoach, Part 3; The Drew Mystery, Part 1; Our Kids; Knife Ambush, Part 4; Castaway Island, Episode 3; The Time Machine, Part 4; Laughing at Life; The St. Pierre Mystery, Part 1; Needles Uses His Noodle; Cover by Vin SullivanL