Thor vs. Hercules
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TP October, 2010 Clash With Quasar! (or: When Titans Kvetch!); Evil Aborning; Hercules Enraged!; I... This Hammer! (or: If You Knew Uru Like We Knew Uru!); Lest the Heavens Perish!; Tales of Asgard: Now Begins... Sword Quest!; Tales of Asgard: The Odinsword Quest, Part 9: The Summons; The Demon Duplicators!; The Lava Man; The Mysterious Radio-Active Man!; The Power and the Pride!; The Replacement Thor, Part 3: Thorcules Versus Hercuthor!; Trapped By Loki, the God of Mischief! / The Vengeance of Loki!; War of the Gods! / Dawn of the Gods! / The Thunder God! / When Gods Collide! / The Spoils of War!; When Titans Clash!; When Volstagg Was in Flower!; When Warriors Clasp!; Whom the Gods Would Destroy!; Filbert's Frightful Future; I Saw a Martian; Off Limits; Save Me From the Lizard Men; Tales of...Asgard! Home of the Mighty Norse Gods; The Man Who Wouldn't Die; The Perfect Defense; The Tomb of Tut-Amm-TutL