Wolverine Legends (2003-2004)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 March, 2003 Wolverine/Hulk; Po's Story; The Call of Duty; Cover by Sam KiethL
TP Vol 2 May, 2003 Meltdown; Duel; Endgame; Mexican Standoff; Tender Loving Lies!; Cover by Jon J. MuthL
TP Vol 3 May, 2003 Law of the Jungle; ...And Got Yourself a Gun; Chasers; Restraining Order; See Ya Around, Frankie; Sleeping With the Fishes; Three Funerals and a Wedding; When in Rome...; Cover by Esad RibicL
TP Vol 4 September, 2003 Xisle; Cover by Jorge LucasL
TP Vol 5 January, 2004 Snikt!; Cover by Tsutomu NiheiL
TP Vol 6 May, 2004 Marc Silvestri Book I; Down in the Bottoms; Grave Undertakings; Killing Zone; Papa Was a Rolling Stone!; Shiva Scenario, Part 1: Dreams of Gore: Phase One; Shiva Scenario, Part 2: Dreams of Gore: Phase 2; Shiva Scenario, Part 3: Dreams of Gore: Phase 3; Terminal Trauma; The Hunter in Darkness; Cover by Marc SilvestriL