Women of Marvel (2006-2007)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 October, 2006 ...New Blood!; Beware the Claws of... The Cat!; Beware... The Black Widow!; Ladies' Night; Madness; Shanna the She-Devil!; So Bright This Star; The Hellfire Gambit; This Woman, This Warrior!; X-Men Minus One!; Cover by Mike MayhewL
TP Vol 2 October, 2007 Come On In...The Revolution's Fine!; Double Sized Climax!; Duel; Hierarchies!; Mister Jip, Usurper of Souls!; Professor Xavier is a Jerk!; Retribution; The Felonious Feline; The Lady... Or the Tigra; Things That Go Flit in the Night; This Earth-- This Realm..; Two Girls Out to Have Fun!; Things That Go Flit in the Night; Cover by Mike MayhewL