Hulk Chronicles: World War Hulk (2008-2009)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 September, 2008 Warbound, Part 1; Casus Belli; Mastermind Excello; Round Trip; Man in the Mummy Case; Spider-Man!; The Bell-Ringer; There Are Martians Among Us!; Cover by John Romita, Jr.L
2 October, 2008 Warbound, Part 2; World War Hulk, Part 1; Cover by David FinchL
3 November, 2008 Warbound, Part 3; World War Hulk, Part 2; Cover by John Romita, Jr.L
4 December, 2008 Warbound, Part 4; World War Hulk, Part 3; Cover by Gary FrankL
5 January, 2009 Warbound, Part 5; World War Hulk, Part 4: Let the Worlds Within and the Worlds Without Tremble in Their Orbits; Cover by David FinchL
6 February, 2009 Warbound, Part 6; World War Hulk, Part 5; Cover by David FinchL